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QLD Yamaha XVS250 V-Star LAMS

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Hotchips, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. So you're looking at a LAMS cruiser then eh?

    Well this one is lovely. I have owned this for the past two years since geting licensed, and now it is time to give this beauty to another adventurous person who is looking to get onto a bike.

    I was 44 when I got this 2 years ago. I am very late to start riding. She looked after me very well. As a noob, I did all the clumsy noob things like shift down instead of up, and ride a bit nuffy, but this lovely machine supports you and forgives all your little mistakes. A GREAT bike to learn on.

    I had ZERO issues with this bike for the two years I have had her. I have her serviced at mechanics every 5,000klms, which is logged in the original book that comes with it. I use this bike as a daily commute to work (20klm's each way) and every ride still is just magnificent. She has never missed a beat. Oh, and that commuting cost around $9 a week.

    A little about the bike....
    • Pipes are original but baffles tweaked to give it a nice note. Sounds great, but not too loud.
    • Hepco-Becker Rack with Rider Backrest fitted to carry your bag/laptop/lunch around. the backrest looks great and offers OUTSTANDING comfort.
    • Single Seat set up to save you significant rego costs. Comes with rear seat and rear footpegs if you want to convert back.
    • Panniers and pannier rails come with it (I have never fitted the panniers on the bike, they have been in the cupboard since I bought it)
    • Tyres were put on around 6 months ago, tread is fine.
    • New battery 1 month ago.
    • 8 months rego left! And I'll get a roadworthy.
    • JUST had 45k service (along with service at every 5,000k's)
    • Absolutely nothing to spend.

    Bike looks good, runs great, never gave me the slightest problem. Handles light but feels good and solid underfoot. Easy to dip into corners, not heavy at all. Fantastic to get a new rider confidence up and will look after you as long as you are not silly. Looks brilliant, sounds like a bigger bike than it is. It does not look like it's ever been dropped. I certainly have not dropped her. So if you want to get something nice and easy and fun to start off riding with, or maybe a second bike just to commute with, this is ideal. Hassle free.

    So if you are in Brisbane and want to get into riding, or know someone who does, this might be just the trick.

    Advertised for $3990. To a Netrider, $3700

    And I have a bike cover for it - unused (bike is under cover at home, no need).

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