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Featured yamaha xvs 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bojo, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Gudday, I am test driving the above bike today and wondering if there is anything that needs to be looked out for with this model.

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  2. absolutly nothing mate, I have the 2010 classic and they are rock solid, 35k klms and all I have done is oil changes
  3. The clutch has a pretty small friction zone. Very small.

    That's about the only thing I can fault on the bike.
  4. Cheers, will hopefully be riding by Saturday
  5. +1 to this. 2011 Custom model here and 35k kms done.
  6. Welcome Bojo,
    How was the test ride.
    Signed over your soul ?
  7. Gudday Steve. Yes I did. Was in great condition and had a set of pipes that will let the neighbours know that I'm coming! Will be picking it up Saturday morning after the roadworthy.
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  8. Good stuff. Pics will be needed.
  9. Great bike the VStar 650 for a big LAMS cruiser. Nothing much I could fault on them except as already mentioned the very small friction point in the clutch. There's an aftermarket replacement clutch lever available (called the Clevver) which makes a big difference if you find it annoying. Check out this thread https://netrider.net.au/threads/clutch-lever-modification-xvs650-classic.125485/

    Probably the only other minor gripe I had with mine was the gear ratios. I reckon third and fourth could have been a bit longer, letting the bike cruise nicely and rumble along at 100kmh in fifth, rather than rev its tits off. But then it probably wouldn't be classified as a LAMS bike.
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  10. Actually that's my only other gripe with it. The gearing could be a bit taller for highway work.

    Or give it another gear.
  11. I just bought one too bojo. I start riding mine tomorrow and it also has some nice V&H pipes. Lets compare notes after a few rides. Congrats on the purchase mate.
  12. P1010086.JPG

    V&H Cruiser exhaust, footboard forward extensions and made my own seat.
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  13. Very nice bike mate. I was just commenting on the WW tyres this morning when a black XVS650 pulled up outside my shop with them on it. I think I'll go that way when the time comes for replacements.
  14. [QUOTE="TwiceShy
    V&H Cruiser exhaust, footboard forward extensions and made my own seat.[/QUOTE]
    Hi Eric, you've been quiet lately. How have you been ?
  15. gday Steve, been clocking up the klms with a SMC from this side of town. Got 35k on the yammy and 33k on the suzi lol, not bad for just over a year
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  16. yes Brand the vstar classic look is really set off with a nice set of white walls, I should have incl a pic of opp side as I have a neat swingarm bag fitted now too.