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Yamaha XVS 650 Custom - 2011 Model - Vance & Hines

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by TheBatman, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Thank you everyone for your help with this.

    I am going for the V&H cruisers for my 650 custom (2011).

    They are now pressuring me to install a 'jet kit' or similar that would look to modify the carbies to make sure it doesn't run 'lean'.

    Did anyone else do this? Do i have to do it? They will rejet the bike for me, but apparently this is different?
  2. I've heard they're unnecessary, but please go first and let me know before I spend my own money :)
  3. Re-jetting is an optional thing but from what I had read/heard - makes the whole exhaust system run smoothly. If you're spending a few hundred bucks on Vance & Hines, then might as well put in an extra $80-100 to get the re-jetting done as well.

    Well..cake is good and sometimes the icing on the top makes it taste a little bit better. Not mandatory to have the icing but meh! :p
  4. i didnt bother with jets , doubt its running lean as i hardly have the choke on
    - i mean i shove it straight off after a few seconds, if it was lean it would not like it - bit of a guess and a few assumptions.
    but heck its just an exhaust pipe / muffler change essentially sif rejetting was ever done on a car after a new muffler - pre EFI
  5. Hey Bats,

    Did the part number for your bike work? I have also been struggling on this topic as my bike is the same as yours. I emailes Vance and Hines and they replied with "unknown". Help on how you went would be very much appreciated.

  6. On my old XVS I was advised unless I was upgrading the air filter also, the exhaust would be fine on its own
    It was