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Yamaha XVS 650 Custom - 2011 Model - Vance & Hines

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by TheBatman, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    After much lurking I have decided to finally join NetRider :]

    I have read many threads about XVS 650 Customs + offerings available re: aftermarket pipes. So please excuse me if I have missed something though confident this hasn't been answered.

    My issue is this:

    I have a Yamaha XVS 650 Custom, 2011 model.

    I am struggling to find anywhere in Australia (preferably Sydney) that offer Vance and Hines - 'Cruzers' either online or in shop for the 2011 model.

    Do these exist? Most places state they are compatable up to 2009 only.

    Would love to hear from you guys on ideas where to buy, how much to pay, can I even get them for my year model etc? I am completely sold on the Cruzers instead of short shots simply due to noise issues I have had with neighbours in past.

    Thanks heaps guys and look forward to participating further.


  2. I've a 2011 Custom (Bought it in April last year) and have V&H Cruzers on them. No problems there but I would also recommend getting rejetting done as well (Not mandatory) but get it done.

    I'm not very mechanical so had the Yamaha workshop put them on for me (along with getting the re-jetting done) as part of the package.

    Same as you, I felt that the Short Stacks were just too loud whereas the Cruzers got an awesome rumble to it and and they look pretty cool as well.

    If you got any more questions, fire away.

    Ride Safe! (y)
  3. Your on right track with v & h.
    Just dont know answer , i would guess
    Something to do with polution control
    Or something like that.
    Your just gunna have to research more.
    I would email v & hines direct and simply
    Ask )
  4. Call these guys up - ZPower. They've listed it on their website HERE AND they're in Sydney so you can pick-up.

    It does say till year 2010 but I dont think there should be a problem. If you want, I can check my V&H Carton (I still have it in the garage) and check the part #
  5. Also
    DIY install can be done drunk and blindfolded
    Originals should remove in less than 60 seconds
  6. Quick Update: Cassons is a wholeseller and supplies directly to other businesses in Australia and on their website, the V&H Cruzers with Part# V31503 are listed as suitable for all models till 2011.

    Check the link HERE.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Sorry, Z-Power USED to be in Wollongong, but since the death of its owner his family have closed the business and moved to the country. There is a possibility of the business being re-opened as an on-line company....
  8. Hey Lazy Libran,

    Thanks for all of that info! If not too much trouble, are you able to check carton as you mentioned for product number? Keen to see if it matches the product number (V31503)

  9. EVen for a mechanical newbie like me? Seriously considering just ordering online, attempting to do myself.

    I probs don't have the right tools & everything I read says something about needing a new gasket or something as the stock one doesn't work?
  10. LazyLibran has the goods - his XVS sounds tough.....
    I'd follow his advice on this one (y)
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  11. No problems Bats! :)

    Will do over the weekend.
  12. You buying slipons ? Or full pipes ?
    Yes you can do it
    Also a good tip is search utube if your worried.
  13. Thanks! :]

    It's quite the game isn't it trying to find the right exhausts? So much info online and all of it varies re: specs and model years.
  14. We should make a YouTube channel of just exhausts for people to hear/see different options.

    Would love to Laz's! =P
  15. Yeah and that's why I just got the Yamaha dealership to do the whole package before I took delivery. They ordered, fitted and re-jetted and I just picked it up and cruised home. :)

    There are heaps of them. Just do a search for V&H Cruzers sound. BUT you've to hear it in real to get the full stereo effect. :)
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  16. All sorted ?
  17. Hey Bats..I checked the box and it is V31503.
  18. Is that a recommendation? :p
  19. i didnt use the blindfold so i would not recommend it