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Yamaha XVS 1300 Vstar

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by DOH, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. After some (lots) researching I finally decided on the cruiser I wanted and picked it up last Friday. :dance: A new cherry red Yamaha XVS 1300 Vstar. Apart from new bike nerves and stalling it as I rode off from the dealer, 8-[ it handles and maneuvers very well for its size and weight. Have done 350 Km’s since I picked it up. Extremely pleased with it and would have ridden the bike more if the weather wasn’t so bad. Next project is to accessorize the bike with sissy bar, saddlebags and screen. Possibly mustang seat and pipe upgrades as well but will see how I feel with the OEMs. Here are some pics of the bike. :woot:



  2. There's no room for anything sissy on my bike.....just kiddin'

    Noice choice.....enjoy.
  3. Enjoy it
    They are made to be ridden - 350km in first day - you are on your way!
  4. Nice....saw one in the flesh (same colour) about a week ago and love it. I'm looking to upgrade from my VT750 and always thought I'd go the VTX1300.....until I saw this. Truly a thing of beauty.
  5. G’day Martych,
    Did a bit of research while looking for an upgrade from my Vstar250 and stumbled on the XVS1300.
    I was worried that in 12 months I would want something bigger than a sub one litre and I felt that above 1600cc was over doing it a little. :-k Other requirements were fuel injection, water cooled, tubeless tires and NO CHAIN DRIVE. =; The XVS1300 filled all these requirements and with the RRP being about $1400 lower than the VTX1300 plus Yamaha have a dollar per CC off their RRP (till the end of August), with a bit of bargaining I got a price I was very happy with. \:D/ A couple of things that I didn’t like were the headlight shape (wanted the classic look) and the 2 into 1 exhaust but have grown to like them both, so much so that although I will upgrade the exhaust I want to keep the 2 into 1 look (Love the low rumble sound). :cool: Although I have not done much riding this week :cry: (temp 7 degrees and raining outside plus work), for its size, the handling and maneuvering are very much like the Vstar250. It did not take long to settle into. I spoke to a couple of XVS1300 riders and received favorable feedback so the decision was made. The only negative with the bike is I cannot get on it enough. :grin:
  6. XVS 1300

    Hey DOH,

    How are you finding your new XVS1300 now? I'm keen to get hold of one and have been waiting until there are funds permitting in the old bank account. Will probably be waiting a little while longer, but I would like to know how you're finding the handling in winds etc, have you put a screen on or made any of the other changes that you mentioned?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


  7. I was going to ask you what sort of bike you ride in the Cruiser touring thread but I guess this answers my question.

    Very Nice Bike :) I am sure you will get hours of riding pleasure from it....

    Maybe u could see Toecutter about a big Rack LOL

    Ummm looks like this one will be added to my list of contenders for next years new bike....


  8. G’day Tomo,
    Firstly let me just say “yes I am biasedâ€. :)
    I’ve had the vstar 1300 for 34 days (who’s counting :roll: ) and am loving it. Have done 1600+ km’s (it is not used for commuting) and the first service has been completed. There have been no problems with it and it hasn’t missed a beat. :grin: :grin:
    I’m finding it handles very well. It is very manoeuvrable at slow speeds, so much so that I would feel very comfortable if you could do your licence test on it. When your cruising it feels as light as the vstar 250, but at 300kg I wouldn’t want to drop it and if there’s any slope when parking I have to make sure that I back it in. :-w
    Acceleration is great and with ample torque in the low rev range you don’t need to change gears when overtaking. It’s very easy to hit 140kph without trying when overtaking. :shock: Cruising around town at 60kph 4th gear is too high and at 50kph I tend to stay in 2nd gear.
    I have been keeping fuel records and am averaging 5.5 lt/100km (18.33km/lt) \:D/ with the exception of one ride at 6.8 l/100km. This ride was on some roads where there are no corners according to “joelâ€, :wink:
    in the Batlow, Tumbarumba, Jingellic region (great weather, great roads, no traffic, no blue lights and the adrenalin was flowing). :-w
    Ground clearance appears good as I have not scraped the floorboards yet, but this is more likely because I’m still being reasonably cautious.
    I’m finding that if I could sit on 120kph (not that I would, it’s illegal) :---) the spinnaker effect is about the same as sitting on the 250 at 100kph. At this stage I haven’t added any extras as yet (need to pay off the credit card first) but hope to by Christmas when I go on holidays. =P~
    Overall, I’m very pleased with the bike but can’t understand why there aren’t more of them around. :dance:
    I don't think you will regret getting one.
  9. [/quote]
    Overall, I’m very pleased with the bike but can’t understand why there aren’t more of them around. :dance:
    I don't think you will regret getting one.[/quote]

    Thats because my bike is better. :grin:
  10. I've been doing lots of research also,bit hard to find any info, but it looks like I'll be on a 1300 again before next week ends.
    I just got off an XJR1300, and loved it,great bike, but my reflexes are probably getting tired so will slow down a bit.
    I'm looking at an 1100 on the weekend but if that is no good it will be the 1300.
    I looked at a few but the second hand market has mostly junky bikes,high mileage and obviously only cleaned when they were traded in.
    The dealers want top dollar, but my dollars will go to the better product.:woot:

    Watch this space
  11. Congrats on your nice new ride...Love the colour.

    I have the 2010 XVS 650 custom and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike..ive done 6000 kms on him already and i only use him for pleasure riding.

    I changed the pipes indicators mirrors etc...I want new bars and grips next...

    You wont be disappointed with your ride, they are lovely to ride and take corners really well for a cruiser..
  12. I just got a new XVS1300AZ Yesterday, so far as per usual,it usually buckets down raining any time I buy a new bike, it held off for a day this time and just as I was about to go for a bit of a ride,down it came,so I fitted a Stebel TM80 Magnum horn to the bike and adjusted the rear view mirrors so I could see out of them.
    Hello, the sun just cracked thru the clouds, might get that ride yet.

    http://s401.photobucket.com/albums/pp92/Max_Factor/Bobs Gallery

  13. I have had the bike for couple of months now, I have added,highway bar,Kurakyn highway pegs,sissy bar and parcel rack, saddlebags,tank bag and stays I have done about 2000klms now and its not too bad, seat is reasonanble, 300klms in one hit and no numb bum syndrome,had to refill anyway. its using 5 litres to 100klms 2 up and the only niggle is selecting 1st gear, very clunky.
    Also fited charging socket for the battery and a 12v take off for accessories,(Gps,Phone)
  14. Hi to all
    I have just traded my M90 ( suzuki 1500 ) in on a xvs 1300 it has only 6880ks on the clock it shits all over the M90 in every way My only regreat is that i did not buy it at the time that i looked at the M90

  15. Had a XVS 1300 for 3 years was a delight to ride but sadly i wanted bigger so traded up to a Roadliner..Kept the mustang seats off the 1300 if anybody intrested..They have only done about 3000ks..:
  16. Hi Wayne
    Interested in the mustangs,decided to get a set.

  17. I know this is an older thread but what the heck I'm new here.

    I own a 2009 XVS 1300 Tourer, its called that because where I bought mine in Alaska it sells with the windshield and a pair of leather covered ABS bags.

    My first adjustment was taking the cover off the seat and reshaping it with a makita 36 grit disc sander, lowered the front and deepened the sitting pocket, used contact spray adhesive and some weights to re-glue the top back on and re-stapled it to the bottom inside.

    Then I drilled out the last baffle of the exhaust pipe, drilled out the airbox cover so more cooler air had access, and installed a dropping resistor in the closed loop oxygen sensor wire so the bike is fooled into running a richer fuel mixture.

    Then I picked up a set of risers, lines and cables made by Roxx made only for this bike, the riser is a big milled polished piece that sits above the tank, raised my bars up and brought them back, I still want more pullback and will get either a set for the 950 or from the 2010 1300, both are supposed to be able to still use the bar end weights.

    Also i made a small stainless steel bracket that allowed me to angle the windshield back so it lines up slightly past the angle of the forks to the rear. It was way too straight up and down before. Then I replaced the stock Bridgestone tires with Metzelers front and rear, made a big difference for the better.

    I am hoping to bring my bike to Australia for my retirement maybe next year.