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Yamaha XV250 vs. Honda VTR250? Best Beginner Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hazefullstop, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a brand new biker booked in to get my L's etc etc in a month or so. Im now researching the best bike for me to begin with. So far ive found advice from most people leads to either the Honda VTR250 or the Yamaha XV250. I'm just interested in the opinions of you all considering price, cruiser/race, safety, style :p and so on.

    Thanks a bunch~


  2. havent ridden either but from reading the forums and talking to people who own them i've never heard a bad thing about the VTR and its a nice looking bike and sounds pretty good for a 250. they are different types of bikes though, it depends what you want
  3. Welcome

    I'd take the VTR, good bike, goes well and IMHO you'll learn to ride better than on a cruiser.

    Try a search - been a bit written about both on here.
  4. yeah i have been doing alot of reading and I've found alot on the VTR, but i love the idea of a cruiser. But from what i have heard cruisers don't have as much give, in terms of cornering and counter steering, but i also find the comfort and "low to the ground" seat and weight more appropriate.
  5. if you are a tall bloke you will look ridiculous on the yammy. yeah look the VTR will do every thing ten times better than the virago, but if you want a cruiser, well thats that then i guess?
    good luck with it mate
  6. definitely the vtr 250, its one of the best and easiest learner bikes out there.
  7. If you want a cruiser, go for the virago.

    Just make sure you flog it before LAMS comes in and the XVS650's etc start hitting the market.
  8. VTRs are best. Especially 2006 model red ones.

  9. speaking of LAMS, i was reading up on it in Melb, and it was a bit unspecific about when it iwll come in and what implications it will have. If i have my learners as of January, and got say the virago, when LAMS come in mid year would i no longer be able to ride it? or would i be exempt because it was implemented after i had my L's?

    as for the bike stuff, i love the presence of the virago, but it jsut seems that no one can go past the VTR250. I have all the time in the world to go with presence when i can ride well.
  10. VTR, hands down. If you want lower seat height in something similar to the VTR, try a Spada...will be cheaper too, better brakes, but the suspension's likely to be slightly more shagged if you don't shop around.

    As to LAMS, it offers -more- bikes, not less, with the exception of a handful of high-strung 250 two-smokes which are withdrawn from the list of options.
  11. wow spada is something i hadnt even looked at. It still has a different look to the more standard VTR but still a good learner bike. haha gee thanks :p throw another good bike into the mix :p haha, i think the spada might be a good choice though...
  12. Virago is awful. VTR is super he-man ninja.
  13. I started off on the virago250 (for the same reasons as you - loved the look and pictured myself as a cruiser rider) but after doing 24000kms on it realised I was well and truly sick of it. Scraping pegs. Lacked power to overtake. Twas a great little bike and a joy to ride but I just got sick of the berloody thing. Ended up trading it in for a VTR and 27000kms later on this thing, am still having an absolute blast (although more power would be handy ;) :LOL: )

    The virago was a good bike though. A lot of fun can be had on it. Took me to Brissy and back:


    A thread to do with my switch from virago to VTR250:


    Both bikes are great, but I've found the VTR to be more suited to my needs. It'll twist and turn a lot easier, it has more power, it's an awesome commuter, it has a comfy riding position (have done long days 500km+ on this thing with no aches), better braking, better acceleration. Like I said, 24000kms on the Virago and I was well and truly over it. 27000kms on the VTR and I'm still having a ball. :)
  14. fantastic, thanks a bunch for that opinion :) really helps, i must say one of the reasons i am wear of the VTR is the fact that the seat is higher up, i think i would have a false feeling of security on the virago, considering my lack of experience etc etc, the VT R is probably a safer position to ride form too am i right?
  15. Ha! One of the main reasons I was so keen to start off on a virago was the seat height. I loved the fact it had a more "safer/comfortable" seating position. I never even bothered starting off with a VTR because I saw how high it was off the ground and I figured there was no way I'd ever be able to ride something like that. :roll: :LOL:

    I have no problems with the seat height of the VTR and depending on your height (are you short?) doubt you will too. It just takes some getting used to and once you've got used to it, you wont even think twice about it.

    That seat on the virago sure entices the learners though :LOL:
  16. Oh, and I can't see how the difference in seat heights/riding positions would offer an increased/decreased risk in safety. It's all about the person at the controls ;)
  17. haha yeah i can see why! im pretty standard height, about 5'10 5'11 or so, last i checked :eek: haha. I guess at the end of the day i have to take the plunge with one of them, and if its the wrong choice i can always change hey. by the way your trip to brissy looks awesome
  18. Oh, but the Virago just screams out: "Modify me! Modify me!" The fun that can be had! (Do the cruiser thing for a bit, then put on a raised saddle seat, rear sets, and flat bars, maybe move back and forth). The way to make your decision is to watch Stone, and Easy Rider, and see which movie gets into your fantasies. Although I don't own one, I think cruisers are a good way to go - smell the flowers, ride a bike that makes you feel like slowing down a bit (and living longer). Ultimately it's a matter of taste...

  19. The virago's a fine'un, but there's a reason the VTR is much more expensive. You get what you pay for. Buy a VTR if you can afford it.
  20. i have to agree, ive been tossing up the pro's and cons, and the whole reason i am getting a bike is because i enjoy driving, and i want to enjoy riding too, i think the whole idea of cruising is what has drawn me... I think from what i have read and seen, these two bikes are quite similar in quality and value, ones just a racer, ones just a cruiser. thanks matt