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Yamaha XV1900 Midnight Star...we getting them out here?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Anyone know if Yamaha are bring the XV1900 out here next year? It's up on the European sites but not on the Aus one.

  2. Is there room on our roads?? :D
  3. It's not that much bigger then the 1600 Roadstar. It's 80mm longer, about 45mm narrower and 13kg heavier....it's still huge though.

    I just really love the styling of it. To me it looks more oldschool then even the Roadstar while still having some of those nice power cruiser styling aspects.
  4. Yeah, it is a very 'together' looking design, and I was only joking about the size!
  5. Not sure - Its more for the American market I believe. I prefer the look of the Road Star myself - plus I'm getting sick of cruiser motors that peak at 6-8K - at least this one peaks at 4500, but its still a little high for my tastes. The Road Star, by comparison, peaks at 2500rpm.

    Don't like the factory exhaust, don't like the wheels either. US are calling it the "Roadliner" with the tourer kit being the "Stratoliner".
  6. Yeah the factory exhaust is a bit odd, but I don't mind the wheels. That said, if I was spending that sort of dough on a bike I'd be guessing I'd be swapping the exhaust anyway.
  7. The XV1900 is not my exact cup of tea, but it doesn’t matter as I’m a cruiser lover anyway,
    I would take that XV1900 or any other cruiser over the fastest, lightest, most expensive & desired sports bike ever produced.

    I commend all manufacturers that are bringing out any type of cruiser; it adds to the choice and also stirs new interest with new models, a good thing for the whole cruiser segment imo.
  8. Agreed. There is quite a good range out there these days. I'm more and more thinking my first bike once I get off restrictions will be a cruiser...not sure if the step up from a ~150kg 250cc to a ~320kg 1900cc would be the wisest though. :LOL:
  9. but look at it this way, it might be heavier, but you'd be closer to the ground!!!! :D
  10. The "not as far to fall" principle works fine...until you fall off and it falls on top of you :p

    That said, in reality it's probably not much worse then going from a VTR250 to say a CBR600RR.
  11. I just did that... about to move from the 132kg Virago to the 332kg Road Star. Can't wait, but thats another story. If I had the money, I would have stepped onto a Rocket III - thats probably a bit more of a jump, but still, I intend to work the motor on the Road Star for some serious grunt.

    I would say the step off a 250 to a 600 crotchrocket (say, an R6 or a CBR600RR) would be far greater than the jump between the 250 and 1600 cruiser. Different class of bike altogether.
  12. My uncle bought a Rocket III. Nice bike but it's a little scary that you can out drag serious sports bikes with two people on it if you get the launch right thanks to the enormous rear tyre and more sane gearing.

    It's a wheelie machine as well.

    The official figures give it a 0 - 100 of 2.8 which is pretty crazy for a heavyweight cruiser even with an engine that huge.
  13. Yeah, it's great, isn't it? :) I'd still love one in my garage.
  14. Wouldn't mind one myself but I think if I walked into a Triumph dealer with that kind of cash I'd ride out on a Thruxton with all the cafe racer bits money can buy :p
  15. and probably plenty of change too! Thruxton, even new, isn't super-pricey.
  16. Oh well...I could use the change for buying espressos and looking snooty :LOL:
  17. Saw it at GP expo. We won't get them 'till 2006. My reaction - UGLY AS!!!! Don't like it.
  18. A small update. Was chatting to a mate in the States on Friday night via IRC and mentioned the bike. He looked at the site and said that he'd have to weasel a test ride. That alone is a feat for someone who is a die hard Harley fan.

    Well, he sent me a message today. He's bought two, one for himself and one for the missus.

    To give you the gist of it he reckoned gearing was perfect (55 mph = peak torque) and the box incredibly smooth to the point where he was clutchless upshifting. He did say that the clutch would probably get annoying in traffic as it's quite heavy but like he said, this bike ain't built for busy roads.

    He also said it tracked beautifully around the corners. Now ok, this is coming from a Harley fanboy so maybe he doesn't have the best point of reference :p but his wife rides a CBR600RR and even she said it was a dream on the twisties.

    He got a 24 hour test ride (nice dealer!) as the dealer said a long trip was the only way to get a good feel for the bike. Well my mate reckons he was hooked in 25mins and was certain of it after they took a trip down to Portland and back...that's about 900 miles round trip from Flint. :shock:

    Now his wifes about 5 foot nothing so maybe not a fair test of the pillion capabilities and they are both ironbutters from way back but he said they were both comfortable the whole way given the fuel stop intervals which was about every 150 - 190 miles depending on the types of road and how much he was giving it, not bad for a 1900 with a 20 litre tank. He also said they've offset the fuel filler cap so you can jam the tank full to the absolute brim on the sidestand which is a cool idea.

    His only real gripes with the bike is that the instrument cluster is ALL speedo (tiny little tacho and fuel gauge) and the "crazy ass exhaust" which he is apparently fixing this week with some straight pipes.

    I'm probably heading over to see him at Christmas and he said he'll give me a ride. Curious to see how it stacks up but that sounds like a pretty glowing report to me.