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Yamaha XV 1100 Custom Bobber Build - SKC

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Street Kleaver, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Hi guys, long time browser. Thought I'd share with you what I'm about.

    My 91 Yamaha XV 1100 Virago

    (Why a Virago?)

    Yes they are ugly.


    If you have half an idea on different models of motorcycles, the engines on these go pretty well and can travel around Australia 6 times without a breakdown or rebuild. They just don't die. They also sound good with some pipes and a tune.

    So I got one for its motor, not for its looks. Cause it was getting cut up anyway!! Haha

    With the build I tried to do it a little different.
    Instead of doing the typical catalog build or bubble wrap parts of ebay like everyone does, I used as much of the stock parts as I could. Ie the bobtail fender is the stock fender sectioned, hammered and reshaped. Same with the exhaust and other bits and pieces all over it.

    *EDIT* Lets skip the crap. Cut straight to the chase.

    I'll let these do the talking...

    Before and After: (Wave my magic stick in the various forms of steel fabrication, Paint and Panel Tools)







    Walk around video. Mobile Phone sound quality does not do it justice at all.


    SKC Logo's & Meat Cleaver SKC logo on the tank = Street Kleaver Customs

    Thank you all!
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  2. You've exceeded the photo posting limit, but what a brilliant job on the bike, so bugger the limit! Nice work. (y)
  3. Bugger the limits keep em coming
    Plus the story
  4. The shed
  5. As a proud owner of an XV1100 Virago (I dont think they're ugly at all), I can see how much work has been done - total make over and I wouldn't recognise it as being the same bike. Was pleased to read about how reliable the engines are, very reassuring!
  6. Very nice!
  7. I was going to say that the good thing about starting with an ugly bike is that you can't make it any worse, but blow me down, you have succeeded....
  8. Thanks guys. I've been building custom cars for a few years. This is my first ever bike build. I've been riding dirtbikes and building performance motocross 2 strokes since I was a wee tacker. So the car building was a phase for about 8 years. I'll do it again, but starting a makes building a car unrealistic since they are so time consuming.

    Anyway back to the build.

    Spent hours wiring and getting rid of the "un-needed" crap. Fuel pump & loom, side stand switches, un-needed relays etc.
    After all the frustrating hours, Everything still worked.


    All this used to be in the stock battery box/side covers etc. Now all neatly crammed under the seat between the frame rails so its easy to get to. The battery box Is had hand bent up box made to look like an ammunition case.


    Nearly there!
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    I'll let these do the talking...






    Walk around video. Sound quality does not do it justice at all.


    SKC Logo's and Meat Cleaver SKC Tank logo = Street Kleaver Customs
    (Just a name I'm going with, I plan on knocking out a few)

    Thanks all.
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  10. looks great! I'd ride it just as it is in the 7th pic!
  11. lot of work,
    but was worth it (y)
  12. Succeeded in making it look better or even more ugly? Haha.

    Thanks for the nice comments. But as it looks yes I can't post anymore photos. So I switched up the original post and skipped to the end!

    Sad story now this rig is soon up for sale once I enjoy it a bit ;)
  13. yes, we do have a 'number of pictures' limit. Sometimes we let it slide if no-one cries foul, but most times we have to uphold it otherwise we'd be up to our earlobes in pictures.

    You can always Photobucket them and post links; there's no limit if you do it that way :)
  14. Ok cool. I edited the original post with 5 or 6 completed pictures. But now its gone completely.

    No Foul play intended.. I swear. Haha.

    Just wanted to share some metal creativity.
  15. Mate I love it - beautiful build. Thanks for sharing the build with us!

    I've done something very similar with my VT600, even down to the biltwell bars and black paint work. Yours gives me a few ideas for the future though... not to mention a great idea for which bike to use for my next project!

    Really nice work. What Tank is that you used? I assume its not the stock one?

    Also mate ping me a pm with what you are asking for her if she's up for sale - I could well have a buyer for you...
  16. Thanks dude! Yeah the tank was a Sportster tank. I had to cut the tunnel out, hand fold and hammer form a new tunnel and weld it back in. Pressure tested it then epoxy coated for years of rust free issues! It usues all the stock mounts for ease of removal etc.

    They are a great little bike once all the crap is stripped off. There is a lot of "over-engineering" with them. There a lot of great models that get overlooked by the general eye that can build into amazing bikes. Your imagination is your limit. Skills are not, they can always be learned and improved!
  17. i really like the bike mate, 13 is my favourite number haha.

    really clean looking and nice colour.

    awesome bike.