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Yamaha XTZ 1200

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by JohnG., Mar 7, 2010.

  1. ooo ooo ooo. is it real? finally properly released?

    that just looks like everything it was hyped to be. thats gonna take a shit tin of sales away from the big BMW GS'

    im glad they went 1200 not using the TD 900 engine as the regular terne had the mid weight segment covered.

    now... yamaha... how much? if they dont overprice (which yamaha have a tendancy to do - think TRX,MT01 ect) it this will take the market by storm
  2. Poms are saying 13500GBP, thats $22,500 AUD
    About the same as a basic BMW GS1200,Guzzi Stelvio 1200,etc
  3. and thusly it wont sell much outside the real enthusist market if its at that price.

    but bikes are usually a bit cheaper in AUS than the UK compared to the exchange rate.

    My guess is it will come in at 19-20 or they will be shooting themselves in the foot
  4. Very nice looking bike. I am seriously thinking of changing to this style of bike within the next 12 months, and this is just another bike to add to the list of possibles. Seems to have some great features.

    I would be very interested in the prices......
  5. They had one on display down at Phillip Island in the tent, it looks good although the plastic fairing sides look like they'd get damaged in a drop easily and the protection bars weren't wide enough to protect them (more light bars than anything else).

    People are right though, if this is as expensive as a BMW then it won't sell well... it needs to be cheaper than that.

    Maybe $18k to $20k considering that the BMW is mid 20's.
  6. It's the way Japanese prices are going.

    Even at the same price, I'd buy a Yamaha over a BMW any day of the week, especially with all the final drive problems they seem to have of late.
  7. Didn't take long!
  8. Depends on how much those cost to replace, if they're adopting the trail bike approach then all good, otherwise I agree with your concerns.

    I was expecting better - the weight and cost kill it for me.
  9. I predict a year after release the price will drop, when Yamaha are forced to admit that they don't have the brand cache of BMW.
    19 inch front and 17 rear is a decent compromise.
    It just doesn't have the outrageous alien looks of the 700. Just falls into 'slightly ugly'.
  10. Is it supplied with a step ladder?
  11. i think it's beautiful
  12. I seriously can't figure this bike out, it's aimed at the bmw 1200gs, so slightly more dirt then the strom's and yet they put side mounted radiators on it :-s i still can't figure out, i understand the crash bars will take most of the fall, but any rocks etc sticking up will make quite a nice hole ](*,)
  13. What cost?? No prices have been released yet so far as I know. There is speculation, but I haven't seen anything official from Yamaha.
  14. I read on ADVRider that someone from Yamaha quoted $19,990 plus ORC
  15. I know it's a stupid question, but AUD?
  16. If that price is right, and they stick pretty close to that price, then yeah, they may not sell to many of them. I would have thought around $18k ride away would be ok, but $20k plus on roads is certainly getting up there.

    I think it was mentioned earlier in this post, but I would be concerned about the radiator position a little. Obviously without having seen the bike in the flesh it is hard to tell, but you would have to hope that it is very well protected as it seems as if it is in a position that could lead to easily being damaged. Guess we just have to wait and see.
  17. there is a pic on adv floating about that shows it with the side fairing removed, and it's right under it