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Yamaha XT660

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by daewoo, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. I really want a Transalp, just because I am a bit of a Honda guy... but everyone really says that the Vstrom is better...

    So I started thinking of getting a Vstrom, and stumble across a review on a UK forum buy a guy who has owned all 3, and reckons that the Yamaha XT660 is the best bike of the lot...

    I am newish to biking, and haven't ever ridden anything bigger than a 250 dirt bike... so the light weight of the XT appeals to me...

    I can see myself commuting to the city on it every day (if I get that job I have been working on), so a smaller bike is much better for filtering (which is rarely possible on freak-hour Sydney roads...

    Other than that, I would like to think I would be doing some longer distance touring and some dirt road touring with the Minister for Finance on the back...

    I have no experience with Yamaha, so I don't know their reliability, weaknesses, parts costs...

    It seems that I can buy the XT new for about the same price as a 2 year old Vstrom or Transalp, which is appealing as well... although that just means I take the hit on the first 2 years depreciation instead of someone else...

    Any thoughts???

  2. Can't really compare a single to a twin :?

    Transalp's a nice bike, 21" front wheel to handle potholes better than the Strom, but Strom's fantastic value new (although seen some cheap T/Alps second hand)

    FWIW, unless you are regularly heading down some bumpy off road, go the Strom which will handle smooth dirt well and have more than enough power left for the twisty bits - but ride 'em both and let us know
  3. Owning a Strom, I guess I'm a bit bias BUT I agree that a single cylinder thumper is a whole different thing to a twin.
    The V-Strom is a very forgiving, quiet (if you want it to be) torqey engine that will run all day happily in traffic as well as the open highways.
    The screen is very effective and even if you think you'll never need it, you'll be pleased you've got it the first time you get caught in a shower. Also it stops the 'buffeting' of your helmet from the wind hitting it directly, especially at speed (and for a prolonged time).
    They're easy and cheap to fix and retain most of their value second hand.
    I haven't ridden a Transalp, but bare in mind they've been around (in their present form) for a hundred years and are about to be supersede early '08 by a totally new model. (ie, a new Transalp will suddenly look like an old Transalp)
    Honestly, I couldn't comment on the XT but from what I can gather it's a trail bike with road tyres....and they have crap resale.

    By the way...I've ridden my V-Strom around a freind's farm and it was totally competent at it (dry paddocks only of course) And trails / dirt roads are not a problem at all.

    Must mention also, that the Suzi twin sounds fantastic with an aftermarket exhaust of some kind.
  4. Do you mean XT660 or XTZ660 Tenere (same engine, very different bikes). I looked at the Motard version of the XT and as far as anything even remotely resembling touring goes - forget it. Luggage options are severely limited by the location of the exhaust and overall smallness of the bike and can't imagine it'd be that comfortable for long hauls due to the skinny seat and vibration from the engine.
    The XTZ is certainly capable of touring (have a picture of one that had ridden from London to Malaysia) and is much better suited to rough offroad stuff than a V-strom - but they stopped production a while ago.
  5. Rumour says that Yamaha will be releasing the new Tenere660 in Australia in a few months.
  6. Thanks for all your replies...

    I had a look at an XT660 today, and they look pretty much like a big dirt bike with Dual Sport tyres... if I was going that route I would probably start with a DR650 anyway...

    I would love a tenere but they are significantly more expensive than the equivalent Transalp or so...

    I wasn't really looking to buy a new bike, but holding out for the 08 Transalp does sound tempting...

    Are bike like cars in that they loose 45% of their value in the first 2 years, and that it isn't a good idea to buy the first of a new model due to teething problems and such???

  7. Depends on the bike, like with cars you get those that depreciate a lot (Hyosungs for example) and those that don't (ie Harleys). I'd be a little wary of the new Transalp simply for the fact that I'm fairly sure it's being sourced from Brazil along with the CBF250 and 600 Hornet. May be built under licence but I know Brazilian made stuff was absolute rubbish 10 years ago (specifically aftermarket VW Beetle parts).
  8. Oh I forgot to mention, the new V-Strom is coming out standard with ABS now. It's only $500 more than the non ABS '07 models.

    People with poo-poo ABS but I guarantee that you'll be glad you've got it when you need it.
  9. I read a review of the XT660 from a dirt bike perspective and it has apparently lost all of it's heritage from the XT's of old which were actually decent off road. On road, even for a single, it's slow. In its class, I'd even go a dr650 before one of those, while a 640 or 690 ktm would be my 1st choice. Dunno about the bigger bikes, vtwins et al.
  10. ive been doing the research as well... also being a honda fanboy, i have been very disappointed with what they have to offer. the dl650 would be a good choice if doing a lot of road kms - factory abs is also a very good option.

    also consider a new klr650 - not as fancy as a dl650 but definitely improved over the old model. and cheap so more money for mods! there's also a great dr650 in paynesville with a long range tank and slipon already. i've been thinking about that one too.

    also when bmw bring the new f650gs that might be quite good too. has the same 800cc motor in the f800gs but in a different tune. they are around $9k in north america which is quite close to the dl650a in pricing. very interesting move from bwm that might get me converted.