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Yamaha XT600E ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 12ARX, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Just asking if anyone on here has or had an xt600e? I am chasing a 2000+ model and i can't find much info or many xt's for sale for that matter.. (only 8 on bikesales and all down south :cry: ) Did they not sell well or has everyone kept them due to being so good :grin: I know the older models where pretty much bullet proof but don't know what they changed from late 90's onwards. I am only 171cm with short legs and the new xt660 is too tall and not not bush orientated enough for me. Any feedback on what they are like in bush/road/highway/reliabilty and ride factor would be appreciated. Or any other bikes up to 6k that can do bush/commute/highway for the vertically challenged?

  2. ...I wish I had your RGV...damn LAMS

    I cannot say anything about the XTs I hate yamaha with a passion, but you might want to look into getting an Honda XR650 or so, I know that a few years ago they were racing them (and winning-all the factory teams etc) and some privateers still use them in desert racing (Baja 1000 etc), The XR series is pretty much known for being tough, run it over with a cement truck it'll still work type tough, parts are easy to come by too, And the engine is very easy to work on, maker of home mechanics everywhere :)

    I would definately have a look at a couple of XR400 - 650s as they are a very good, dirt biased, bulletproof ride(I've heard of a few XR250s lasting years on the same oil that the factory put in it :eek: --The XR legend lives on :p .) <- that's why you hardly find a good xr250 :(
  3. Yeah ive been looking at the xr range but all are too tall for me.. I don't want to have to mod the seat or lower and stuff around with all that. I want to be able to put at least one foot flat on the ground at the lights.
  4. Well yeah, they are because they are more dirt oreintated.

    But you could try looking at the Suzuki DRZ400-600 Range. Also again more dirt orientated but, a very nice bike, pretty bulletproof also, I cannot say for sure if they are higher or lower, don't see any at the track so..

    Yeah other than Enduro bikes, I really cannot think of anything else, I haven't really spent time looking at dualies?

    Good luck anyhow
  5. yes


    I had a '95 XT600 and it was an excellent bike. very reliable. typical japanese just start it and run it. nice handling and easy to ride bike. great commuter. too heavy off road( but i did manage a trip to cape york on it) :LOL: .cruise all day on the highway

    excellent all round bike but I sold it because it was a bit slow and rough when I was using it for weekend fun.

    hope that helps
  6. Have you thought about a DR650?

    They have a stronger motor than the XT and are just as good off road (maybe even a bit better). Huge amount of after market bits and pieces for them as there have been lots more of them sold than there were XT600's.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.. Been googling and have found that the XT is 855mm seat height and the DR650 is 885mm BUT can be adjusted down to 845!! will suss one out and take it for a blat.. I do like the look of black XT600e with roadies on it though :cool:
  8. Yup... I knew the DR650 can be adjusted for a lower seat height and that's why I mentioned it.

    I have trouble with tall trail bike seats too.