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Yamaha XT250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tp2207, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all. Please help me decide. Yamaha xt250 or not.
    I've had my license for about 5 years and I own a hyosyng gt250r. I know not the best bike but been good to learn on and goes pretty good for learner. I'm now looking at upgrading but want something for both on and off road. I also want to be able to double my wife and son now and then. I've been recommended the Yamaha xt250 as I'm not the tallest rider (just over 170cm). It looks and feels pretty good size but I'm worried it's not powerful enough especially for freeways. I don't have a lot of off-road experience so maybe it is the way to go. Looking at maybe brand new and the xt250 is $7000 ride away which I think is pretty good. What others options are there like this but maybe a little more powerful.

  2. My experience has been with an XT225, so fwiw... It's fine at legal speed on freeways etc. It's more of a tractor than a gazelle so you'd want something with more cc's if filtering regularly on a commute to get away from the line. The bars are trail bike wide & just at sedan mirror height so again, filtering or splitting not so easy. No problem however in regular traffic.

    Having a pillion to take down to the local shops is fine. Any more than a few km's would be doable but two-up on a freeway or up a decent incline may cause traffic to build up behind you. This is probably the biggest issue and might be better on the 250 than the 225, but I'm guessing it's not.

    It's great to learn off-road riding on, but not mx type riding. More like a stepping stone to the bigger ADV bikes. You can pack them up & travel anywhere as ride reports will attest, but a long distance 'highway speed' traveller it ain't. It will also get you out to most places but doesn't have the off-roads specs to ride rough terrain at full throttle.

    I would recommend considering a 2nd hand XT to use to build up off-road skills. (Presumably you want something that can be plated.) A lot of height challenged people go to a bigger bike once skills have been built up. As I was told, if your not dropping it, then you're not practicing new skills or trying different terrain - also something to consider if you're going for a new one and going to get it dirty. It is light though, so picking it up when it's down isn't too bad. (Something to consider if perhaps looking at a lowered 650cc).

    I've got 30k km on my little XT, long hours at a time and it's never missed a beat. Sure it's got scratches, but underneath the dirty exterior it's perfect. The XT is just bulletproof. Cheap to run and easy to ride. You do have to make compromises on road riding & compromises on dirt riding - it's just the nature of the one bike shed.
  3. A 250 would suck with 2 adults on it. What about a Suzuki drz400 ?
  4. HI,
    I'd take a look at the DR650, KLR650, V-strom 650, Versy 650, KLE500 or maybe the XT660r

    All are within your price range, will have the power for 2 up rides or anything of greater distance, capable of travelling along the dirt.
    The DR is easily lowered, with an adjustable lowering link as standard.
    I think the XT250 is a great bike to tackle a bit of dirt; however, with a load or 2 up, it may struggle for power.
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  5. Depends really what you want, really.

    Are you going to ride mostly on the road with the occasional dirt/gravel road? All of those bikes would do this admirably with dual purpose tyres.

    If your use of the highway is really only to get TO the dirt, and your bike is going to wear knobbies, then look at the lighter ones in the list, like choosing the DR 650 instead of the DL 650 (VStrom), for example.

    The heavier the bike, the more of a handful it will be off the road, if it is tall and heavy.

    I had an XT550 (precursor to the XT660R. It would go up and down the highway just fine, did gravel roads and trails just fine, but was too heavy when the going got a bit tough, and there was a limit imposed by dual purpose tyres, which I would not forgo as most of my Kays were in a daily commute.

    The bikes dobbo has mentioned would all fit the bill, some are more orientated towards road use, others more trail. Only you can decide.

    If I was a ride the road only to get to the dirt, I'd be going for the Xt250
  6. Cheers. I think it might be a good idea to go with the xt250. Sounds like great reliable bike to learn off road skills and maybe I won't get done for speeding on road.
  7. Thanks for the comments but still undecided. Will check out the Suzuki drz's before I decide.
  8. The XT250 is a great little bike; had one (2009 model), re-jetted it, opened the airbox and added new exhaust and believe it would handle 2 up fine like that (they are now FI). Stock probably as well. The height is quite low, but ground clearance still good and lots of fun in the bush. Surprisingly fun and flickable on road. Sits comfortably at 90-100 on the freeway. Stock tires are crap! Sold the bike to my friend and he loves it. Now have a DRZ400e, which is TALL. My friend mostly keeps up in the bush, even with more road oriented tires (Michelin Sirac 70/30). I would recommend it to anyone as a multi-purpose bike, especially if you are not tall.
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    Yet another job for a Suzuki DR650. Cheap (and cheap to run), more reliable than a hammer, goes well enough on the road and, according to those more qualified to comment than I, is acceptable in the dirt, enough grunt to be unfazed by a passenger (although it's not super roomy) and isn't too tall for somebody your height, especially with the suspension configured to its "low" setting.

    Oh, and you can ride one round the world Aussie teen attempts motorcycle world record.

    I wouldn't bother with a 250 four stroke single* unless I had to. All the dog-slowness of a tinybike with all the weight and cumbersomeness of a proper one.

    *I'm talking about road oriented '70s throwbacks like the XT, Kwak KL etc. Pukka dirt bikes like WRs are a different teapot full of eels entirely.