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Yamaha XT225

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by brods1675, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. One of my local (sort of) bike shops has a yamaha XT225, 2004 model. I'm not finding anything on the Red Book bike values that matches up.

    Is this bike likely to be a parallel import? Or am I just not searching hard enough on the interweb?

  2. They were around over a few years up until recently.

    I was looking at a couple with under 10K on the odometer for about $2400 and $3300 for a 2001 and 2005 model respectively. Both have disappeared, so I assume they were sold.

    I think they went from 5 to 6-speed around 2004/5-ish too.

    You don't see many around for sale. Look at a TTR230 as well. If you want to look at the 250 then there's some checking needed to find the differences over the years. At times the 250 was fairly different, but now I think they've basically upsized the 225 to 250 and gone to one model (at least overseas as I'm seeing in reviews of the 2008 bike).

    Also look for "Serow" when scouting around to see what used ones might be worth.
  3. Interesting. Normally red book is pretty good with covering models, but there you go. Bike is for my wife, so low seat is appealing to her.
  4. The XT225 was upgraded to the XT250 in either '07 or '08, not sure if they changed anything over than the engine though. The yamaha scorpio is the XT225 in road dress, may be worth a look.