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Yamaha XSR-900 thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrArmadillo, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Me likee

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  2. I'm sitting on the fence

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  3. Not for me

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  4. fcuk off with your hipster motorcycle before I ram that whiskey martini jam-jar down your throat.

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  1. Hi team,

    Feel free to point me in right direction if this has been covered elsewhere in another thread, but I am keen to hear people's opinions on the new Yamaha XSR-900, particularly from those who have ridden or bought one.

    Just release in Aus, I came across it recently in my search for a new bike. It seems like an enticing proposition given that it is based on the lauded MT-09 engine, yet perhaps a little more sophisticated and refined with variable engine modes, traction control and ABS as standard. It seems Yamaha have the listened to the critics about the MT-09's twitchy engine and mediocre suspension.

    The styling seems to have the crowd divided. I'm usually not a huge fan of retro or scrambler type bike but I must admit at first glance of the XSR-900 I pitched a semi. I like the way Yamaha appears to have slightly lowered the front end compared to the MT-09 to create a more aggressive posture. I feel the classic styling of this bike is less likely to become dated as fast as the MT-09 will. Of the three colour combinations produced (navy blue, grey and yellow) the 60th anniversary yellow/black scheme appears most appealing but from what I can gather it isn't going to grace our shores, at least not any time soon.

    The two obvious downsides to this evolution of the MT-09 are increased weight and increased price. It seems that a few dealers are offering them for a little under $14K, which is around a $1-2K premium on a MT-09 with ABS. Personally I'm not a fan of buying assets that depreciate as soon as you walk out the door, and presumably it'll be around six months until we'll even be able to get our hands on a demo model.

    Let me know your verdict.


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  2. I'm not sure if they'll let you ride it, but City Yamaha in Melbourne has one on the floor, or did a week ago. I guess that's irrelevant if you're in Sydney, but I imagine if they have them down here, you guys will have floor models as well.

    I'd be all over it if it were a little cheaper. I'm not saying that it's an expensive bike, just that I'm too broke to buy any decent bike brand new.

    I love the way it looks, I'd say it's one of the best looking motorcycles currently on sale.

    I probably wouldn't be a fan of lower handle bars than the MT09, but that's just me. I couldn't imagine it being very hard to get them up to MT-09 hight or where-ever else you might want them. It would certainly look impressive with clip-ons and mini mirrors.
  3. I love the 1970's Yamaha racing colours...
  4. Looks good, feels good and is very comfortable..

    Build quality is exceptional...

    I took my time admiring it at the WSBK last month.

    I hope Yamaha also introduces a XSR1000 based on the MT10. ;)
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  5. I'd have one in a heartbeat.
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  6. Now you're talking!
    Oh yeah
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  7. Is this just another MT09 spin off with the same chassis, suspension, brakes, fueling, ergos or is it a completely new updated/upgraded machine?
    If its the former, IMO, its just starting to get a bit boring and repetitive.
    If its the latter, its actually quite exciting as the engine is a ripper and with good componentry has the potential to be a world beater.

    As for the looks of this bike, its not to my taste but I get the idea as classic styling on modern motorcycles seems to be all the rage at the moment.
  8. I was spewing when the dealer got a blue one it 2 months after I bought my Tracer. I'd trade it in if I got the same money back :depressed:
  9. Just rode a new rock slate one home. $12900 on road is good value in my opinion. Awesome engine and great ergos for me at 6ft. Its fairly tall and reminds me of sitting on my 09 wr450f enduro. Good for us oldies with a bit of lower back and general joint issues :)
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  10. How did you go with the seat? While I was waiting for a MT09 test ride, had a look/play/sit on a XSR900 and the seat was unbelievably hard. Like i'd have to replace it almost immediately hard. The MT09 imo also had a similar seat (from a comfort point of view) but the XSR felt like it was shaped better. They do look very pretty though.
  11. No probs with the seat and I have done a 200km ride with no numb bum syndrome :)
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  12. Ross-XSR900-G.

    Looking very nice indeed:rolleyes:
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  13. It's supposed to have improved fueling and improved suspension tuning compared to the MT-09 (so that makes it worth the extra $).

    if the hipster styling doesn't put you off (it does me a bit) then it seems like it'd be a good city bike.

    Personally I'd rather have a Tracer :)
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  14. Slightly more different than that.

    TCS, billet components and modified subframe.

    Other the, you're absolutely right, it's an MT09........just 'softened' for the hipsters.

    I like it. But I hate hipsters.

    I'm glad I've got the hooligan older MT09 brother.
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  15. bloody hell I hope I don't turn into a hipster now . Probs a bit late at 53
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  16. I love mine!

    'Scuse the insta post but it's the only online pic I have.

    Picked it up a bit under two weeks ago and just hit 1000km yesterday, first service tomorrow. Have installed heated grips and an Akrapovic exhaust.

    The riding position, handling and power are fantastic. Torque, from idle to redline with no let up. My mate had a ride the other day (he normally rides a VFR800) and he was amazed at the power.

    And the speedo is super cool!
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  17. Don't get me wrong gents. I like them too and would have one in a heartbeat.

    Go well.
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  18. Bes
    Cant stop smiling when I'm riding mine :) That engine is a weapon. Did you have to tune for the akrapovic. Flash the ecu ?
  19. If they were around at the time of probably have got one of these over the mt09.

    I love my mt09 don't get me wrong. I just like the seating position, slightly better suspension and gauges of the xsr900 a bit better.
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  20. From what I've read the suspension is far better on the XSR. Firmer, hence why it's better. When I took an MT09 for a blat it felt like a pillow compared to my STR. I had no confidence in it. I couldn't 'feel' what it was doing. I thought it was awful.
    That engine though... Wow. Stonking. Besides the throttle, it is a sweet donk. XSR has none of the throttle snatchiness™ and is apparently far nicer to ride.
    And it looks far better. The MT09, for mine, is ugly with it's nose up in the air. It looks ridiculous*.

    If I liked Yamaha, XSR would be right near the top of the shopping list.

    *Subjective remember