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Yamaha XS650s yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. For the last few months I have been trying to find a suitable bike to turn into a cafe racer, the XS seems perfect, and believe me, I have been thinking of every thing from using Hayabusas (!?) to CB750s, GS models, but the XS seems a good balance of things, so the other week a few mates and I went up to Deus Ex Machina in Sydney, had a look around, and spoke to one of the guys who worked there, after a few words, he had told us the XS650 parts are hard pressed to come buy, unlike CB750s, so my question is, does that have any truth to it? are they rare as hens teeth? any other problems with them besides there stators frying? Id love to hear feedback from owners.

  2. I know a couple of guys & gals in Ulysses who own them, no issues AFAIK.

    bikesales have over 40 XVS650's for sale - I'd guess they are pretty common and a much better alternative for a Cafe Racer than a CB750 Honda.

    Hey you need to speak with Marlon, Pil and zBike - all Sydney guys going the Cafe Racer look :cool:

    Let us know how you get on.

  3. ohhh....thats the cruiser mate, the XS is UJM style bike.
  4. Like this??
  5. You might be right then....none of them for sale :oops: So what is the difference between the XS and XVS? I thought it would be just handlbars, seat and petrol tank??
  6. Yes, like the one Paul has shown, basicaly its a standard naked bike of its time, its got a parrallel twin, forks are probably not as raked out as the XV, thats all I can tell.
  7. Can't have raked forks on a cafe racer....

    IMHO anything more than air cooled and a twin is getting towards Streetfighter.

    Deus already do a few bikes based on DR650 - big single, but been built for 20 years or so.
  8. I have to agree with you on cylinders, lets make it 3 to keep the Triumph guys happy :LOL: some thing about having 4 cylinders didnt feel right, though I know of one guy on the net that makes cb750s and they look incredible, the basic layout in my mind, is bare minimum on the bike, so no battery, bare aluminium tank, clip ons, small single seat, lots of weight reduction, should look fantastic!
  9. http://www.cb750cafe.com/ - still a bit big, but they look pretty cool
  10. So, when you've finished one just like that for yourself, make one for me; I miss my Xs-650D :(.

    Don't forget a hefty fork-brace; it's the only chance youl have to make these renowned wobblers handle :LOL:.
  11. Hey thecptn

    I wish I could give you the link to an XS650 fan site, but I don't have enough posts
  12. There is also a guy in the US who does nothing but cafe racer bits for XS650's
  13. I'm not sure why I need to have 5 posts up before I canhelp someone. :roll:
  14. Thanks mate! I already have the 650 thing bookmarked, they even had 2 xs650s up for grab for about 5k for the lot! sadly they got sold quite quickly, the xs is becoming like the sr500.
  15. I was looking at the stats on the xs and one thing that stuck me is how heavy they are, 220kg wet! what I want to know is, where is most of the weight allocated? I really want to reduce its weight quite a lot, but what exactly are the heaviest parts?
  16. Front mudguard weighs a ton. Steel tank is big and high too, so weight can be concentrated high when it's full. Not much you can do about the weight of the engine/gearbox, though, and it's the biggest single contributor. If you ditch the standard seat and passenger footpegs you'll save a bit.

    Check out the cafe-racers on that site to see what you can do without!!!

    Side covers are big, and steel, and the dual steel exhausts are begging to be ditched, if only to get that glorious twin-cylinder sound liberated :).
  17. Ah cheers mate, I do plan on removing all those things and replacing them with aluminium tank, single seat, rear pegs and various other bits and parts, my motto is remove every thing but the motor and frame. :LOL: