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Yamaha XS650..anyone got one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mcsenna, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Any Netriders own one of these classics?

  2. Found a nice little review by cptn and I see you used to have one Hornet? I'm looking at one, be nice to hear from previous or current owners.
  3. Yes
    And the 1100 xvs
  4. Tell me all about it young Phil. What year, standard or modified? Some pics if you have any. Then I can pound you with questions. Bet ya can't wait huh?
  5. Paul did have an XS, still raves about it...was a very nice bike actually.
  6. Yer i can wait lol
    Hang on i usually log here on phone
    But its all good
    Recon why not get a 1100 cos second
    Hand there similar price
    But i like both
    650 is 2006 red with jardine slip on pipes
    Sissy bar
    Clevver lever

    1100 is 2001
    Vance hines classic pipes
    Mean looking black - see avstar
  7. Both bikes i paid about 6500
    650 needed love n good service cod it
    Had been parked for two years
    1100 i just got and needed a batt and
    Of course a service.

    Btw i noticed buying privately 3 bikes this year
    All had filthy oil and the 650 oil made the clutch
    Play up.
    So off topic but if buying second hand change oil
    Before u go cruising
  8. 650 hss known issue - low or no friction zone
    Its normal and u do get used to it.
    Clevver levver .com has a solution i recommend.

    What friction point there is , is at very end so
    Stalling is likely till ur used to it.

    I would get sn 1100 there parked side by side herr
    And the 1100 has bigger balls
  9. XS not XVS.
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  10. o fook soz
  11. Never mind, closish