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Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Always good to see more retro styled bikes. This one's from Yamaha and is supposedly a prototype rather than a concept, so production seems quite probable.
    Horrible colour but otherwise doesn't look too bad. Engine is a 1000cc air-cooled v-twin - so might appeal to cruiser fans who want something with better brakes/handling.

  2. This is getting a bit scary JD. This and the Guzzi are the two bikes that have got me a bit unjaded about bikes lately.

    The Yam is more appealing. Colours obviously a bit risky from a marketing perspective. The tank looks a bit small. With a decent size tank it'd be a really good all-rounder.

    The seat doesn't look too comfortable and personally I don't think it needs to be 1000cc. 850 would have been fine.

    I'm betting it won't be air cooled. In fact it doesn't really look it, despite the lack of radiator. I hope the get the engine to look like that.

    Price will need to be about the same as a sv1000.
  3. That is one sexy looking bike, yep an 850 or even a decent 660 would be OK. :cool: :cool:
  4. I'm guessing oil/air cooled. Look between the front frame tubes at the bottom, see those fins? a cleverly concealed oil cooler perhaps?
  5. That's really nice (apart from the metallic pink), and I reckon the engine size is OK.

    After all, I thought the Kwak W650 was a real looker and contemplated buying one until I had a test ride and found out how bland and flabby it was.

    I've come to the conclusion that, if you can't give a modern bike the hard edge of the machines you're trying to ape, at least give it enough capacity to make it go decently. Which, I suspect is one reason why the new Bonneville has somewhat eclipsed the little Kwak.
  6. Yeah the air-cooled bit seems a bit odd given the problems the manufacturers have had getting some of the older engines to comply with Euro emissions regs - which are only going to get stricter. 1000cc does make sense though given that it puts it right up against the Thruxton which is selling well, but I agree a smaller version could do well too. Fairly likely they'd do a 400cc version for the domestic market at least but given it's based on the old XS-1 a 650cc version would make sense.
  7. Finally something to give the boys at DEUS something to worry about.....and about time too !
  8. Looks good (well except for the color) :LOL:
  9. I think it looks fantastic (except the colour) - exact bike I would hope to get one day.

    I hope they continue bringing out these retro looking bikes, Im in love with them
  10. Concept is reminiscient of the old suzuki VX800, big air-cooled twin in naked frame.

    Looks gorgeous and very practical, hopefully priced competitively. Needs moar power.
  11. Sakura is japanese for "Cherry Blossom".... hence the colour.

    I kind of like it ... been musing about getting a retro.... always spend time in PS looking at the 'old' triumphs. Problemis I haven't won Tatt's and I can't afford all the bikes I'd like :(

    If you get one though does it means you need to wear the crap-hat and the biggles goggles? Look like a real goose - but then leathers and a full-face is going to look pretty odd too :grin:
  12. I quite like this too. Some manufacturers really miss the mark when it comes to 'retro' items but this looks spot on IMO.

    The HD Nightster and Ducati GT1000 are a couple on my wish list too, but will probably never happen. Hopefully this would be in the 'sub 10 grand' category (?) if/when we ever see it.
  13. Not too shabby I reckon, but that colour is pants!