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Yamaha XS 650 restoration..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 2up, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. It's a shame that so many project threads got lost in the upgrade.
    I really liked to see how other ppls projects were going.

    Anyway I picked up the XS motor today after 14 months in restoration.
    Some pics.....

    Prior to the re-build..



    After ..
    Strip down and high pressure water blasting,
    New sleeves,
    New pistons,
    Re-built head,
    Bottom end resto,
    Cam grind to race proflie,
    New gear shift selector,
    + new gaskets, top and bottom end bolts, cam guides etc...



  2. Jeez, what a transformation!! Well done! :)

    Did you **** off the original carbies?

  3. I still have the originals but I hope to replace them with carbies more suited to the cam.
  4. wowsers, that would have cost more than the engine is worth :LOL:

    looks good, though
  5. It's a labour of love.
    Lucky I'm really rich...:roll:
  6. Just jealous, mate I wish I had my '79 XS-650C still
  7. Fantastic stuff mate. The XS is a beautiful machine.

    Are you in the Aussie XS club?
  8. If I were to comment on this, it would just be a spiteful expression of envy, so I'll keep quiet! [-(
  9. Nice work indeed. What a mess that was! Have you written up the rest of the rebuild (frame?) somewhere, or is this one of the projects you refer to as AWOL?

  10. Yes, so here's the Yammy story..

    I bought the bike new 1975 and did the big ride around Aussie in 1976.

  11. I rode it up to 1989 and then it lay idle for 18 years while I embarked on other biking projects.


    I was driving to work at dawn one morning when I had this vision that I should restore the old girl so it was into the shed for a complete strip down.

  12. The cost of original XS parts are way too expensive for me to restore it to original so she's coming back as a brat style yam.

  13. Enjoy anything where some efforts gone into it :D

    And to be working on a bike you've had for over 40 years which no doubt has a heap of stories too