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Yamaha XJR1300

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  1. very nice :)
  2. Nice mate,..had it long?
  3. sweet yammie that one!
  4. Nice bike! Carby model?
  5. Carby
    When did the carby model's finish?...... any prob's with them?
  6. Noice..

    Love the XJRs.
  7. New XJR1300 (1).JPG
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  8. I ride a 2004 xjr1300 , carby model staintune pipes Pictured in the post above. Just fitted an spin on oil filter adapter from rpm racing yesterday, no more mucking around with the stock oil filter system anymore:) . It's a fun bike and easier on my older joints as well .
  9. (y) tough looking bike
  10. Make me want to ride