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Featured Yamaha XJR1300

Discussion in 'Naked' started by dobbo, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Well I'd better kickstart this thread.
    As my XJR1300 never really fitted into any of the other categories, finally a 'Naked' thread has been created.(y)
    (Thanks Mods :) )

    I bought the Yamaha XJR1300 (FI model) a couple of years back, always wanting a GSX1400, I found it hard to locate one for the right price. And seeing Suzuki, stopped producing the GSX1400, heading down the B-king path, I was a little put off with the 'End of an Era' situation.
    Then I got offered the XJR for a bargain, with low Km's, so I bought it with a plan to off-load it in around 12months.

    However, I now see the XJR as a keeper, even if I re-evaluate my lifestyle, I think at worst it will be covered and placed in the rear of the shed, for down the track when my boys will enjoy it.
    I wasn't too sure about the '5' speed gear box (as I believed a 6-speed was needed); however, this thing has that much torque from the bottom right through, I have just become lazy, and can't be bothered changing gear more than I have too.
    Regarding being a naked:
    well that's a choice thing, however, I have found tinkering with the mechanics of the XJR to be easy.
    Wind buffeting was the only issue; however, fitting a screen has enhanced the overall handling of this machine, and I no longer need to scrub the insects/bugs off myself.

    I will post up a pic, next time I roll it out for a play.
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  2. I agree. My XJR has been a pleasure to ride and a great all rounder. Seems bullet proof and is great fun. Also simple enough to do my own minor servicing. The value to be had in quality second hand examples is unbelievable. DSC_0483_netrider.JPG
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  3. Great bikes - go like stink but also behave themselves......

    Paging @Jem - they've created your Naked bike sub-forum mate :D
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  4. Excellent work now to Shiver it up.........
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  5. #5 dobbo, Sep 8, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2014
    love the paint job on your bike there (y)

    One of the first things I did to my XJR, was to buy the adaptor ($45) to allow a spin-on filter to be fitted. As I found it difficult to do a basic oil change, fearing I was going to crossthread the filter bolt or crack the filter housing. I cannot recommend this mod enough.
    Recently, I upgraded the clutch with a Barnett clutch kit, as my bike had a bit of clutch slippage happening.

    Here is mine, up at Cabrumurra.
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  6. Hi Dobbo. Great looking bike for sure. My brother has a 2007 model (blue) which looks pretty much like yours. We love our XJRs! Nice screen you have there too. I get around 48 mpg (16.6 km/l) on a weekend ride, which I do plenty of here in Victoria with the Ulysses club. I also ride quite a bit during the week (being retired) and there is no better time spent than on the XJR.
  7. I am running Michy pilot road3 tyres, got over 15k out of my last rear. I am surprised with grip l have for such a heavy bike, especially two-up through the snowies. I generally run 98oct fuel, however l am starting to think l get better results with 95oct.

    Only problem l have had is a broken bottom exhaust mount, the exhaust seems to have to much tension forcing it downwards, combined with the pot-holed roads around here...results in 2 breaks & another forming. Luckily my son is a stainless steel fabricator, so when l get a chance l will get him to build a new bracket.
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  8. Just a quick couple of questions to the XJR owners as I love the look of the XJR and my current bike is getting more and more cramped the older I get. And the XJR would have, I imagine heaps of bottom end grunt similar to my firestorm.

    How do you find cleaning the fins on the motor with bugs and general road grime? Also, how do they handle in corners, obviously I'm not thinking sport bike like handling but they couldn't be as bad as, say, a cruiser.
    And finally, are they happy enough to just pootle around town in traffic, or do they feel more at home on the open road?
    My vtr never seems "happy" around town and seems to be at its best on the open road and twisties.
    Thanks in advance...
  9. Regarding XJR compared to a sportbikes..... weight is the biggest difference, this will be the first thing you notice; however, once you get the suspension right (I can provide my settings, if your similar size to me) it is fantastic through the hills.
    I pillion my wife, without any problems.
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  10. Thanks for the reply and awesome info dobbo thanks for that. And I am pretty much the same weight and height as you. I had a Honda XL600 once so I know what you mean about seat height.
    I am in the middle of a large job at the moment and may have to reward myself and trade the storm in when payment for it all comes through!
  11. Glad to see a naked bike forum, just love the look of one. Never considered anything else when I started shopping around.

    Plan on getting a slightly bigger screen to help with the buffeting.
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  12. Great to have a Naked section, I bought my XJR new last year. Still smiling, only got 5000 ks on the rear tyre and am now running a Road Pilot 2 (sticks like shit to a blanket) I would like to know where to get a screen and any thoughts on how others find them. IE handling or ride difference.
  13. I got my screen from MCAS, it is a 'national F15'.

    I would have preferred something a little narrower; however, l like how it deflects the wind off my hands.
    I love the naked look, but if you ride more than around town, the screen is great to prevent buffeting, which l think improves handling, especially if cruising at 110kph. Plus l was sick of cleaning the back of the gauges.

    I know 'screens for bikes' make a good one.
    I tried the cheap ebay version, lasted about 100km before it ended in my lap.
  14. Thanks Dobbo, I will have a look an see what turns up
  15. Here's mine ,purchased in March this year .2011 model with 3300 kms on the clock.
    Have added a speedo healer,gear indicator , battery tender and ventura rack and topbox.
    Have a screen on the way. Will post up a better pic when I can, been raining cats and dogs here :(
  16. Giday guys, anyone got any pictures of different screens.
  17. Love the XJR.

    There are some nice customs out there as well. I
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  18. Couple more pics
    Gear Indicator and Top Box
  19. What do you think of the gear indicator and was it worth the effort. Can you put a few more pics on the top box, I havnt been able to find anything for a 2012 model