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Yamaha XJR1300 vs Suzuki GSX1400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VladTepes, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Around 2007 vintage.
    i.e. before the GSX was discontinued and after the XJR gained fuel injection.

    I don't really want this thread to broaden (like it did elsewhere) to a discussion of mega dollar "alternatives".

    Pretty much after a comparison between the two, and the pros and cons of each.

    I want a big engined, torquey, air cooled bike which will be a daily commuter and do some longer rides nowand then so these seem to fit the bill and likely budget.

    Especially value the input of those who do, or have owned (or at least ridden) these bikes. Thanks
  2. I looked at both these pretty carefully when I was shopping. The Suzuki has a little more engine, goes a little faster, perhaps handles a little better. The Yamaha seems to have a softer ride. Some people find it more comfortable. The yam seems to be a slightly better choice for smaller riders, the suz for larger people.

    That's not a personal perspective, that's just what my internet and questions turned up. Try them both - buy the one you like. They're both great bikes.
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  3. :popcorn:

    interested in how this thread goes...
  4. It probably won't go far because few people will have experience with both bikes. I've had a short ride on a gsx1400 but never even sat on an xjr so can't really give an opinion. I'd probably buy the gsx because they seem to have a bit of a cult following on the interwebs. This could mean they are better but what it really means is there is plenty of info out there about the bikes and probably more aftermarket support.

    I think they both look good. I like the gsx in blue and white and the xjr in yellow.

    p.s. Get a B-King:D
  5. I'm leaning toward the GSX cos it has more torques ! :LOL:

    edit: and another gear.
  6. There's a cool looking one with streetfigter headlights on bikesales. I like it :)
  7. I've just been through this decision. I was chasing an XJR so I went to ride a few. Turns out the dealer recommended I try the GSX1400 for a comparison. Well I ended up buying the GSX1400. Heaps more grunt from the throttle, 6 speed gearbox (as opposed to 5) and as already mentioned, this bike is suited better to larger guys (and I'm 6'4").
    I spent years lusting after the XJR, only to end up being blown away by the Suzuki performance and comfort.
  8. If it was me I'd probably go the GSX, but for largely irrational reasons and without a lot of experience or research...

    I would be interested to hear why you've excluded the Bandit, though... seems a natural in that company.
  9. i read an apt review on the xjr1300 a long time ago.
    said, 9 times out of 10 it goes where you point it.
  10. Over Racing make some pretty cool shit for the XJR. Well, they used to anyway. I'll have one in yellow thanks.

    PS Lookee here. The frame brace would make the largest difference, followed by rear sets and pipe -which apparently drops 10 kg and adds 11 hp.
  11. Torque or Torques?

    Like HP or HPs

    Or Kw or Kw's?

    I'm confused?

    I'm going with Torque. Screw Jeremy Clarkson... (y)
  12. Just me being silly.

    Torque, of course.

    People say the GSX is better but it's all torque ! LOL
  13. I don't know what you're torquing about. Sounds like a Clarkson thing.

    The Yam might not be the last word in sports bikes, and may even be slightly behind the GSX14 in that regard - but don't think it can't be ridden with a bit of spirit. Like any big bike, it's less a question of what the bike can do and more a question of what the rider can do. Case in point - my ZX14 would do an XJR like a dinner, right? Depends - if the XJR had Crutchlow on on it, well ...
  14. I know 4 or 5 people with the Suzuki and they all love them, don't know anyone with the Yamaha.
  15. I also tried out a bandit on the same day as test riding the XRJ and GSX. THe bandit was a real disapointment after riding the other two.
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  16. GSX, more CCs, more torque, fully adjustable suspension. A good rider can hunt down sport bikes in the tight stuff. Better pillion comfort.
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  17. Yes definitely leaning towrd the GSX especially as a second hand one seems to be available for slightlyless than a Yammie.

    Now all I need to do is sort out whethe I'm still married, get a place to live, and check my budget then go out and buy one of the damn things !

    Thanks everyone. :)
  18. So you may be wearing the GSX1400 grin then?

    So much fun to ride it in predator mode, which is at the speed limit just ticking over 3K RPM, so docile but ready to rip the crap out of the aimless cagers....:demon:
  19. Of the 2 I'd choose the GSX1400 but 4 years after my posts in the earlier thread I still think the Bandit 1250 is a better bike than either (and yes I've ridden all 3).

    The GSX1400 has a distinctly odd riding position, the XJR1300 is comfortable but down on power and torque, the Bandit 1250 just works better as a bike IMO and yes YMMV.