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Yamaha XJR 1300 : Pros/Cons?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lazy Libran, May 2, 2012.

  1. As the thread title says, It's about Yamaha XJR 1300.

    Now this bike is not very visible on the roads but is from the Yamaha stable so I assume, it will be good. I like it's simple, classic looks and something I 'might' consider a few years down the track. Plus it's priced nicely as well.

    I want to get some honest information & details from any existing or previous owners re: this bike.

    Looks nice here : :)

  2. Unless you buy the latest model, you're better off with the Suzuki GSX1400....
    the earlier XJR's are only a 5 speed box, carbies, and non-adjustable suspenders......and very basic Ohlins at that
    whereas the 14 is F/I, 6 speed box, and fully adjustable........

    Theres a heap more I could throw at you but I wont bore you :p

    Get a 14 :)
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  3. Got your full licence yet Lazy?
  4. Rogues is correct, the suzuki is a much better bike.

    Even the ZRX is better than the XJR.
  5. It depends what you want to do with the bike.

    I agree the Suzuki GSX14 and the ZRX1200 are more 'sporting' than the XJR1300 but most people don't buy these sorts of bikes because they go fast in a straight line or quick around corners anyway. So whilst what you say is true I don't think it's a difference that matters much.

    Mostly these bikes (retros) are sold because people like the looks of them... so in my book buy the one that you like the look and feel of the most (and yeah test ride them if you can).
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  6. Soon, mate. Very Soon this obstacle will be out the way. :D
  7. At the riding school, they get students to do a slow ride, and the ideal is to slip the clutch and keep blipping the throttle, to keep the engine at about 3 ~ 7 (let's say, for a bike like the XJR). I saw the clutch fail on the one at the school (while doing this) and the mechanic says this is common - they have a weak clutch. I don't know if he's right - I only repeat what I saw and heard.

    If you want that early eighties UJM look and you intend to ride very gently, they should be alright for you. If you want to have a bit of a fang from time to time, the GSX14 would probably be better. 1200 Bandits are good thing too, as are 900 Hornets.
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    Good man!

  9. I can say my 900 hornet does what I need Raj, but I have always liked the 1400 suzi's, they have a great rep all round, comfee and arm ripping pull from what I've read. So if you want your arms ripped!! lol
  10. bandit 12fiddy owns it.
  11. You want 'cool retro' with grunt mate..?? get one of these ;)

  12. the xjr does things to me that makes me jell-o when I look at them, the suzi's a close second. The Honda does Sweet F.A. No offense it rubs me as being bland. Sit on it, take it for a spin, hell take them all. It's the only way you will be able to decide what you want.
  13. Va Va Voom. That DOES look AWESOME Rogues. (y)

    What year is this beauty from?
  14. tough life you have Raj to have to test the 1300 and 1400. bit of a difference to the cruiser too, why the switch? why not go the M109r?? Beastie bike cruiser style and goes, well, quite well I believe :)
    either way, test rides being organised as yet?
  15. Honda does do it's sutff, bland yes, I agree there!! but hey 'its a honda' what do you expect?
  16. The 'biatch' is an 07 mate.......... had her since new, ridden others but just cant see me letting her go...........too much lazy, easy torque at low revs to even think about trading, ha,ha.... and she's quicker/more nimble than I'll ever be........:)
    Shes no 'R1BladeBusaNinja' but she does like to play with the sporties...... and thats without wringin' her tits off sounding like a sewing machine on steroids :p
    (no offence meant to the above)
  17. The M109 - Never. Dont like the looks.

    I love cruisers. And sports bikes. And sports tourers. And of course these retro style classics. :p ...BUT the next bike won't be a cruiser - even though there are some that I like.

    Switch? Hmm....Just want to try something different. And affordable. But this switch is still a long way away & ATM it's just research.
  18. :D

    Looks like you've got custom pipes. What are they? Have you got more pics?
  19. Campbells ... from the UK

  20. NOICE. :D

    And I bet they sound even more awesome.