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Yamaha XJ600 Seca II

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aus_drtagon, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if this is learner legal in NSW as the RTA site shows the XJ550 and XJ650 as legal but does not mention the XJ600. Kinda Weird if you ask me :shock: If anyone has any experience with this bike it would be great or if you know why this is not learner legal when the model either side is that would be really helpful.

  2. If the site is ambigious, I'd suggest you ring and get a definite opinion from someone.
  3. Yeah I was going to call the RTA today but was trying to avoid the long and frustrating call that always comes with trying to get information from government run companies :mad: :shock: :cry: . I should know I work for one!!!!! :LOL:
  4. My understanding of the regulations is if a model isn't currently on the list then it is not currently approved... even if on paper it meets the requirements to be approved.

    It is possible to get bikes approved for the list that are not currently on it.

    This is probably not the easiest option for someone just wanting to buy a bike :LOL:
  5. From what I could find real quick
    XJ 600 - 72hp and 212kg
    XJ 650 - 71hp and 231kg
    So presumably the higher power/weight ratio of the XJ600 pushes it over the LAMS limit which is why it isn't listed.
  6. The xj550 and xj650 were early 80s bikes. The xj600 was a revisit bike from the early 90s. It may not make it on power alone. It was significantly different from the earlier bikes and probably made a bit more power.
  7. Thanks everyone for the help. I was worried that the power to weight may have been the problem. I will call the RTA anyway just to confirm my fears. I have a mate that is selling one with heaps of gear with it and would have made my life alot easier if I could have gotten it from him.

    Well back to the drawing board then for my first bike options. :(

    Any suggestions that people can offer would be great. The bike will be used mostly for R&R on the weekends, cruise days with mates and just short trips to the shops around the neighbour hood etc to get the experiecne.

    If possible I would like something that I will not get too bored with and is a little zippy and sporty. I have budgeted upto about 3k as I dont want to go spending too much on a bike that is enevitably going to be dropped crashed etc during the learning process.

    Now that I am married with kids my mum can't stop me from getting my bike :p even though she will try. Problem is I have to convince the wife that bikes aren't unsafe it's the idiots in the cages that are dangerous. A mate is taking me and my wife out this weekend to get me experience pre pre-learner course and to help convience my wife (his brother is helping me to gang up on her too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ). Hopefully I will come back in one piece he riders some sort of psyhco 750 race bred thing that shoots a 1m blue flame out the exhaust on the dyno!!! His comment, "ahh you'll be right, the bike is insured" he has more confidence in me than I do!!!

    Cheers again for everyone's help. :LOL:
  8. $3k is a tough ask. The problem is at less then this you will need to put aside a fair bit for parts in the first 12 months.

    e.g a $2500 bike may well need $1000-1500 spent on it in the first twelve months and thats without rego.

    LAMS hasn't helped, because there weren't many LAMS legal motorcycles sold in previous years, so getting a good condition, second hand one is very difficult.

    The GS500 is a good bike, but you'd be much better off finding one worth $3500 with $500 in your pocket then one worth $3000 with $1000 in your pocket. Note I wrote "worth".

    Bottom line is find another $1000 dollars and it will save you more money in the long run.
  9. Thanks, I was also thinking of possibly going the other way and finding something cheap and simple to last me just long enough to get my unrestricted than upgrading to something worth while in twelve months time. I am an engineer by trade so if i have to buy something that needs a bit of TLC every now and again to keep it ship shape that doesn't bother me at all.
  10. In that case you might want to check out some of the earlier model "Z" series Kawasakis - there's a few of those on the LAMs list (forget which ones exactly) and they can often be picked up quite cheap. You could also look at something like an SR-500.