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Yamaha XJ 600 - Any known issues?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LizzyM, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. I was looking at a Yamaha XJ600, thinking what a nice looking bike (with a view to upgrading from my trusty CB250) and it occurred to me (with much disappointment) that I hadn't seen it listed on the Vicroads LAMS scheme. I was also wondering on how reliable the bike is and would appreciate any advice review you would have on this? :)

  2. I don't think they have been released yet, we have not received any at the dealership I work at.

    I have been told, there will be 2 versions, a LAMS version, and a non restricted version. Not sure if the LAMS model can be deristricted at a later date though.
  3. Are you looking at the forthcoming 2009 model, or a used example of the 1990's (or earlier) XJ600?
  4. I'm looking at the 1996 model XJ600, in black...mmm...nice...even GreyBM likes the look of it. Going to inspect in on Tuesday. :grin:
  5. They're a good, solid machine. Very basic engineering for yamaha, most I've seen around the place have very high mileage, tend to be owned by a practical, conservative or budget concious buyer.

    2 valves per cylinder and air cooling makes for easy and cheap maintenance, but it's not the most exciting contemporary machine. You'll be very happy if you're looking for a practical all-rounder and not a balls out racer.

    With 60hp, in a not hugely heavy frame, it probably exceeds the power/weight ratio to be learner legal.
  6. What's the price? If you have to wait till you're off your restrictions, you might like to look at the big brother, the xj900, not much more expensive, if only because shaft drive is a very lovely thing indeed, and not common enough on standard japanese motorcycles.
  7. kols_kebabs wrote:

    GreyBM would agree with you on that one.. :LOL:
    Price is about one grand with no roadworthy, the K's are pretty reasonable too...roughly 52000. I can be patient, GreyBM could ride her in the meantime while I gaze on longingly... :LOL:
  8. If all's well, that's a steal. Do it.
  9. GreyBM took it for a test run, and says that there is oil over the motor, owner said he thought it was leaking from either the head or where the barrel joins the crankcase, basically too dirty to tell where it is coming from. Fairing is repairable (minor crack), will need to replace rear indicator, shims service needed too.

    All in all, rides well, bit noisy from valves (shim service will fix this no doubt) brakes work fine. From where I stood watched and listened, she had a nice note to her.. GreyBM certainly looked good on her..
  10. Coincidentally, there is a 1991 XJ600 Seca for sale in my area (Darwin). Have not seen it up close, but it looks pretty clean in the large ad pic, and supposedly has low ks and very good mechanics. Asking price $1900. If I was in the market I would be having a good look at it.
  11. A whole TWO of the same model of 90's japanese motorcyle for sale, at the same time, in far separated areas of Australia.

    What an AMAZING coincidence!
  12. Ah, er...

    Nah, it ain't worth the effort.