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Yamaha WR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Uni, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Hey All...

    im new here, my current ride is a really small modded XR100, which makes an awesome paddock basher, but can't be registered and is a gutless wonder ...

    so i'm looking to upgrade in in the next 6-9 months, or as soon as i can scrap together the funds. so i need abit of basic info on yamahas as a general brand, any specific experience people have had with the enduro yamahas and the sort of price i can expect to pay for it new (second hand is a definate option, but new is preferable).

    cheers fellas

  2. my neighbor just picked up a 04 KTM450 for 9k, that thing fuggenwell HAMMERS! 4th gear wheelies without even bouncing it, he can get a highchair going in 3rd gear..... that baby got some serious balls :twisted:

    if you're looking for something new (or newish) i reckon go a big 4 stroke. the power is much more usable and the things dont weigh any more these days. i used to love stroker dirt bikes, but i've been converted :D
  3. yeah i've seen a few of those 450 KTMS (the 450 EXC) getting round and they look pretty quick.

    i liked the look of the WR250 coz its got a 5 valve donk which is water cooled and it'll rev like nothing else. im only a smaller bloke (178cm) and an extremely powerful bike isnt going 2 be particularly practical as the bike needs to be nimble and flexible enough for me to move cattle with and get round some pretty rough country, yet powerful enough to get me around the city and along the highways etc at a reasonable pace.

    so anyone got any info on the WR250? or the 450, im open to opinions...