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Yamaha want HOW MUCH for a glorified bicycle cable?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dryfter, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Sorry, but I have to rant and get this out of my system..

    I can't believe how much the official Yamaha replacement part is for something that's essentially just a bicycle brake cable with a lug on the end of it. (aka the EXUP pulley; same sort of thing as the throttle cables, if you know what they are like)

    Two-hundred-and-twenty-six dollars for the pair of foot-long cables. Woah!

    And it's not like they're any good, as the four-year-old pair on this bike I'm fixing have developed cracks in the plastic sheath where they pass near the exhaust pipe, and water has got in and rusted the cables out.
  2. Heh, that's ridiculous!
    Suzuki want more than $1000 for their K1/K2 GSXR1000 muffler, OEM price parts are mostly stupid.
    This is why I never buy OEM, I always buy aftermarket unless it's something which there's no aftermarket part for. Even then I'll try and get the OEM part for cheaper off ebay.
    Example: Suzuki want $500 usd plus shipping for their DR650SE oil cooler, can get one brand new off ebay for $300 shipped.
  3. There uses to be mobs around that could make up cables for you. Thye've sort of died out since the fall of the British empire
  4. Yeah, I always try and order car/bike parts online from the USA, as it tends to be a tenth of the price locally. It's ridiculous.

    Unfortunately my model of the XJR1300 wasn't ever sold in the USA, so doesn't show up in online catalogues there :(

    I reckon it can't be too hard to manufacture these pulleys myself; only hard part is getting the bolt on the end that attachs it to the EXUP valve :/
  5. Dryfter, time to visit a wreckers.
  6. In this instance, not so much - unless the wrecked bike is very young, the cables will be in as poor condition as mine.
  7. Lucky EXUP's a noise reduction wank and you can lock it open then aye?

  8. Can do; but on the other hand, would be good to have it operational for keeping the neighbours and Roadworthy checkers happy! :/
  9. G'day mate, yes I feel your pain, Mr. Yamaha also wants $90 for a clutch cable for my TRX, also a model that was never sold in the US!

    Try Wemoto.com, they're UK based, but prices are pretty good, an aftermarket clutch cable for my TRX was about 12 pounds...

    Otherwise, if you have a part number for the part, try partshark.com, you can search by part number, it may have been a common on a few models.

    Hope that helps, good luck!
  10. Yeah, costs of OEM parts can be crazy....
    Calling wreckers and using your imagination can sometimes save some bucks.

    Had to improvise a couple of issues with the TDM due to over $500 for a rear fender assembly and $100 each for luggage attachemnt hook and bolt..

    Previous owner had removed the luggage attachments points on both sides like those illustrated below..

    He also trimmed down the rear fender but that pissed me off with all the crap over the rear everytime I ventured thru some unsealed dirty roads.
    Pic below was the first of 3 times I would clear in on this day and later got to the point it was compromising rear light and it was getting dark....
    Not to mention a smart arse cop could also pin me for plate obstruction or something.

    Anyway got a different fender at wreckers for $40 which I could alter and mount then found a couple of allen bolts with the same thread in my garage which I sprayed black and does the job...
    Came up ok and have more than enough change to pay for the snowy later this year...


    Like I said sometimes you have to try and be a little creative and it can save you $$...
    Aftermarket cable mabe??
  11. (y)

    I'd still try partshark if you have the part number, they have very good prices.
  12. MV, very useful info there mate!
  13. I hate being ripped off on spare parts as much as the next guy, knowledge is power ;)

    Glad someone found it useful.

  14. They didn't have the parts (I do have the numbers), but I'll check them out next time I need stuff too. Cheers!
  15. You should see what they charge for a new V-Maxx

  16. I assume Speedscreen are still in business in Melbourne? They make cables. They can probably do a better price than Yamaha!
  17. Yes, buying it in parts would be an expensive way to do it!

    Maybe we can grey import one...:idea:
  18. What model bike is it??

    As an example, US price for the cables for my R1 are $78
  19. XJR1300 - the fuel-injected models weren't sold in the USA, as far as I can tell.