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Yamaha VX250 Virago's New vs Old?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ELX, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    Some of you might have read/helped me in my old thread and i've made this new one because i have now "finetuned" the bike i want. Im after a Yamaha Virago 250, anyway. I am selling a dirtbike at the moment (fully worked 05 TTR-90 on biksales if anyone want's an awsome pitbike) and i was hoping to have about $3000 to spend on a virago. Anyway i have the chance to trade my ttr in on a 1991 Virago 250 at a dealer just named the best kawasaki dealer in australia. So they have a repuatation to live up to. The Virago they have 2nd hand is in great condition, and at a great price. Basically im just asking whether a 91 model is to old? Have the 250 Virago's changed much since then? They look pretty simmilar, but i don't know. Will it be a much worse bike than a 1994 model or something which is what i could possibly afford if i was able to sell my dirtbike for what im asking? It's just that i'd prefer to buy from a very reputable dealer than a random person but not if it means the bike is going to be way out of date, and the engine's going to be loose slow, and basically crap compared with a bike thats a couple of years newer. Will that be the case? Thanks for any advice guys, it's all a big help!


  2. Nothing wrong with an older bike, especially 250.

    I may be wrong, but I think Virago's are completely unchanged in that time.

    Tough engines, It will keep going forever, buy the cheapest one you can find, you will replace it as soon as you can, trust me, so you don't want to lose money.

    Just be wary of all mechanical issues you can get on any old bike, and give it a thorough inspection. You won't go wrong.

    :LOL: funny.

    It is going to be slow- but not because it's old.
  3. Ill be seling mine in the near future, good bikes, though not quick ones sadly, the only differences with the older ones is just cosmetic, mechanicals are same all over, least kays is what your after, the 91 had wierd round pod type mirrors, the later ones had chrome rectangle ones, mine has 86k on the clock, almost hit 130 on it, though you dont want to be on a virago at that speed :LOL:
  4. Well if the mirrors are the only difference count me in! If it's from a dealer thats gotta maintain their reputation (you would think they would if they got named kawa dealer of the year!) then they shouldn't be lying to me. I'll be trying hard to get a warrenty off them too. It'd be alot easyer for me to take my bike to them, trade it, and take the new one home than sell, re buy etc. Of course i need to check it out and make sure it's all good. But fingers crossed! I'll have it for about a year and a bit untill i get my unrestricted licensce so i hope its good enough to last me that long! But if you guys are sure the engines, chassis etc. are the same and the only things that have changed are little cosmetic things it seems like a fantastic deal!
  5. Yeah, from what i understand, just minor details here and there, mechanical are same ole twin, Ive had mine for 15k, and it hasn't left me stranded, rain or shine, so there pretty bullet proof, just check the tank for rust, make sure the tappets are not noisy, and clutch doesn't slip like a banana, BTW, if your going to do a lot of highway riding, its good to upgrade the sprockets to some thing a little bigger, this bike has some...van like ratios on the gear box, so bigger sprockets will help keep the revs down at high speed and give a nice increase top speed increase, also...take out the baffles :grin: its a vtwin for christ sake, baffles are a sacrilege, have fun with it...though you may out grow it a bit quicker than a sports bike, but a good all round bike.
  6. Thanks for the info. I won't be doing to much highway stuff at all. Mostly just commuting around. But thats a good idea with the sprokets. What is a tappet??? Other than those two things is there anything xv250 specific you would think i should check out other than the normal stuff? Thanks again,
  7. tappets are well...ill make it simplier, if you can hear ticking sound when the engine is idling, some thing needs to be adjusted, other than that mate, I cant realy pin point any thing else out it might need.

  8. Handlebars also changed, the 91 one probably has the flat bars? I prefer the flat bars anyway. Apart from that, very minor changes like lack of a helmet lock on the earlier ones (not that anyone ever uses it anyway).

    Also front brakes are different, the earlier ones have smaller brakes (well, they look smaller). They still work fine, I never had a problem with them.

    Engine wise AFAIK it's all the same. If you want I've even got a spare top end + pistons etc that I'd be willing to sell... I'm told it's out of a 96 Virago, it all looks to be in good condition. I've since sold my XV250 so I don't need it anymore.
  9. Yea the 91 does have flat bars. This bikes had the curved ones put on tho. Not to worried about the helmet lock, i wouldn't have used it for anythign other than attaching my disk lock pouch to anyway. Hopefully ill be able to check the bike out in the next few days. Who knows, i might have it by the weekend! Thanks again for the help.
  10. Oh and about the top end and rings you've got. Thats might be a good investment! I suppose a fresh top end will make it run like new, well as new as a 15 year old bike can get! Ill let you know if i want it when i know if im getting that bike for sure. But thanks for the offer!
  11. Even the 91 one has loops that you can attach the disk lock pouch too (I used to do that). It just doesn't have an actual lockable loop.
  12. Be careful with the pouch for the disk lock. I attached mind on the side of my 250 and it rubbed and rubbed and took a nice chuck off paint off the body. Not happy JAN. :mad: :evil: :mad:
  13. Hi ELX,

    Just out of intrest how big are you? If you are on the larger side then prepare to be beat at the light by scooters :) And yes that happened to me :)
  14. The XVS series are an awesome bike. Im looking at an XVS 650 for the mrs atm. i dont know much about the virago 250 but i have heard if you weigh more then about 80kgs, its like riding a postie bike.

    Just go all out for the xvs 1100 -- i did.
  15. im 6'2" and 87kg, and yes, its like a postie. :shock:
  16. No im really small. Im 170cms and 58ish kgs. So it should be ok for me i would think.
  17. I'm about 170cm and about 55ish kg. XV250 isn't a rocketship, but is adequate. It'll beat most cars off the lights (at least up to 60'ish k's), and will hold 90-110k's on the highway fairly happily. Any higher than that is a bit of a struggle though, and you'd be lucky to hit 140 with a tailwind.

    SV650 is teh sh1t :)
  18. Damn you larger cc riders to hell :p
  19. Yea, im sure i might no be beating most other things on the road. But i am also sure there'l be a bigger smile on my face than on the cager next to me, or the scooter next to me for that matter. Of course someone on a better cruiser, or perhaps even a sportbike may have an equaly big smile haha.
  20. Thats the spirit mate, even though to me its not quick, I still manage to have fun on this bike, its 137kg dry, so its easy to throw around corners quick, nice bike to fang about town with.