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Yamaha Virago XV250 (2007)

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  1. malowner submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha Virago XV250 (2007)

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  2. 3 years of licensing restrictions? Why so long? In QLD we need our learners first prior to doing our Qride. This gives us our open restricted licence in which we hold for one year. Then we can upgrade to a restricted bike.
    They are nice looking 250 cruisers though. As long as it puts a smile between your face thats what matters. May the ride be with you.
  3. Just the new laws in Victoria. Have to have a LAMS bike, be BAC 0.00 and no pillion passenger for 3 years.
    I only needed to have my Learners for 3 months though. So now I'm on a full licence with those restrictions.
    Kind of sucks - but I'm thinking I will sit tight with this bike and just modify it to my liking, then perhaps next year get a LAMS that's a 400cc.

    Thanks for the positive feedback! :)
  4. Oh wow the laws have got strict in Vic. But with the increased deaths of inexperienced riders it is needed. I have only been only unrestricted license for just a month now. I hope you can get through your three years with those restrictions. See how you go with the 250, I have never ridden one but they just look like nice simple machines to cruise around on. Safe riding man.
  5. Nice looking little cruiser - looks very well maintained have a blast!!
  6. I put the air filters, handlebars and new mirrors on this week. Indicators are in the mail.
    Tossing up on if I should get a tan Cafe seat so I can get a little further back.

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  7. That's a great looking bike.
    It must be nice to have a such a shiny thing just waiting for you to take out.

    Sometimes, I long for chrome...
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  8. wooooo!! enjoy mate! its a great bike.