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Yamaha Virago 250 vs Suzuki 250 Intruder???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by yew315, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. G'day guys,

    Just looking for some opinions. Just got my L's the other day and i've been looking around for my first bike. I've been tossing up between a Yamaha Virago 250 and a Suzuki VL250 Intruder. Found two second hand, both around 3500kms on the clock, and about the same price. Probably going to go for a test ride in a couple of days to get a better feel for them, but would appreciate any opinions.

    I'm about 5'7' and about 74Kg, so i thought something with a low CoG and low seat height would suit pretty good.


  2. virago is an icon, but the intruder is much more of a bike

    probably the best 250 cruiser, i once had a Vstar 250 for 2 weeks and it wasnt as good as the intruder!

    park them side by side and the intruder is a real bike, the virago has a fake exhaust, and thats enough to say try hard to me LOL
  3. Personally I would avoid the 250 range if you're going for a cruiser

    Around the 400-500 would be a minimum if you ever plan to reach 100km/h safely, and some cruisers are LAMS approved up to 650cc depending on the model.

    According to wiki, the xvs535 is between 180-195kg depending on year model, which is quite low for a cruiser. Someone of even your size would look big on the 250 version.
    The xvs650 is around 230kg, but being low down I'd imagine you wouldn't notice the weight much on that either.

    As a quick perspective, you have about 10kg on me, and I ride a 250kg (wet) sports tourer which is a lot taller and top heavy than a cruiser.. and I have no issues keeping it up while stationary.

    Defs go for the test ride though to see for yourself but I reckon they would be just too small in both size and power for you.
  4. Where are you? The XV535 goes for around the same price as a 2000s XV250 in NSW and QLD. It could do you for a long time. I reckon you'd be fine with the 250, it's just that you might find yourself wanting to upgrade sooner if you get into country riding.
  5. I'm mostly driving around Sydney metro area, so not many roads are +80Km/h except the motorway/freeway, which i don't use that often anyway. But i have thought about some of the 650 cruisers, mainly for the power to get out of trouble just in-case.

    @mattb: thanks for the tip, might scope out some of the XV535's, might be a good compromise. If i do go a 250, it will mainly for my L's and P's, definitely upgrade once i get my blacks.
  6. Hey Mate,

    did you end up buying one of these?

    I'm also thinking of buying one and been leaning towards Intruder,

    Let us know how you went,

  7. Actually i didn't go for either. I ended up picking up an 09' xvs650. Must admit it's pretty big (especially for a guy my size), but i've gotten used to it now and am really happy i went for the 650.

    i was probably going to go for the Intruder as well if i didn't pick up the 650. I reckon it's much more of a bike compared to the virago. I was at a bike shop the other week and saw the virago and the intruder has the edge IMHO.

    Best of luck out there and let us know how you go.
  8. Hey bigmonya,
    If you are going to choose between these 2 bikes, then I would definitely go for the Intruder. As has been mentioned, the Intruder actually looks like a motorbike whereas the Virago looks like an oversized toy IMO.
    I ride one and I am 6’1” and weigh much more than 100kg (lets just say I’m a big unit…). The Intruder is bigger than the Yamaha and easily carts my fat arse around fairly comfortably. It’ll do 100+ with a little effort (though I am on my L’s and restricted to 80 ;)) if need be.
    A friend of mine has the Yamaha 250 and was very surprised at the size of the Intruder comparably - She is only little though so I think the Intruder would actually be a little too big for her. It is fairly wide compared to the Yamaha so I think she would struggle to keep it upright comfortably.

    In saying that, I would actually feel a bit more safer on something bigger, but this bike was “given” to me so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth ;)
  9. get the xvs650, lams approved, you wont have to upgrade then
  10. thanks for advice guys... XVS650 looks great... a bit out of my price range... another one similar to these is Honda VT400, any of you guys came across it?
  11. haven't come across the VT400 on the road yet. it's a little bit heavier than an xvs650 with 250cc less capacity, so the power/weight ratio could be on the low side (even for a LAMS bike).