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Yamaha Virago 250 or XV250 as a first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Waldy, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. I am looking to get my first road bike, and in looking around, I saw the Yamaha XV250 - which for me (I am a short arse) seems to be a good sized bike and comfortable to sit on.

    My question here is:

    For a bloke like me, short, but a tad heavy, would this bike be any good?

    I have heard stories of the bottom end in the 250 engines failing, but I don't know how true that is....

    I think I would like to have a touring bike more than a sports bike....

    Anyway, Im interested in opinions on the XV250 as a first bike.

  2. Don't worry about the engine QUALITY on the Yamaha; one of our intrepid ladies rode hers, on L Plates, loaded to the gunwales with gear, from Melbourne to Brisbane and back. The major problem with the 250 Virago is that the engine isn't very powerful......
  3. If you're considering a 'tourer', then check out the BMW's. The 650's are LAMS approved and not overly expensive (second hand, of course). Gives a good ride, plenty of power and an upright sitting position.

    On the Virago, any of the Jap cruisers will be good for build quality.
  4. tried the Yamaha XVS650?
    similar lenght bike to the 250 bigger engine slightly heavier [which you dont notice while moving] reliable too :) and will last you all the way past you getting your full license
  5. agree with Goddie i bought a Virago 250 for Ls lasted 2 months.. i hated it i upgraded to the XVS650 yes its a bigger bike YES it looks intimidating but it wouldn't be allowed to be a LAMS if it wasn't safe.. i ended up having my 650 for 3 yrs and till this day i regret selling it...
  6. I had a virago as my first bike too so many moons ago too, I can echo the sentiments about it, its very gutless, I dont know why, but it lacks power, though they are very reliable, with the rip off greenslip costs and lams scheme, you are better getting a bigger bike, no need to be intimidated by em, they are quite tame but most have much better power.
  7. The 250 virago engine is virtually bullet proof and for what it is it's a capable bike... but the 650 is better all round.
  8. A heap of people started ont on viragos but as has been implied, size matters.
  9. It's not the size that matters but how you handle it.

    I got my 2000 virago 3 years ago, it has never let me down. Main time I feel that size matters is on highway riding. Other than that as I bought it to do cruisy rides, had no issues with it around Yarra Glen , Warrandyte, Panton Hills is the east, and fine now I'm down the GOR area.

    Have thought about upgrading from time to time, but just can't seem to part with it.
  10. My first bike was a Virago 250. I loved it so much that I upgraded to the Virago 1100 a year later, but it was really hard to part with the 250, such a great little bike. It never let me down although the engine sounded like it was working pretty hard at anything over 100kph. As a learner bike it was excellent. The leg room on the 250 is actually much better than on the 1100, luckily I am short so no problem there. I dont think I could have started off on anything bigger, but then thats just me, others seem to start on larger cc bikes and have no problem.
  11. So what roads can we ride over 100kph? :confused: There aren't many down in Vic that go above.

    There are times when I would like a bit of extra power, so I may eventually have to say goodbye to it.

    I'm vertically challenged myself which was one of the reasons I got the Virago in the first place, it just felt the most comfortable for me.
  12. Some highways have 110kph. As I mentioned, she was working pretty hard, much happier in the 90-100kph range. Torque power was very good though.