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Yamaha Virago 250 kickstand won't stay down

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by HB, May 1, 2010.

  1. My kickstand has decided all of a sudden it doesn't want to stay down. I have to hold it down with my foot and then lean the bike onto it before I can take my foot away. Haven't dropped it or done anything. The bolt holding it on did seem a little loose so I tightened it. It made some difference but didn't solve the problem. Any suggestions?

  2. My first bike was a Virago 250. It used to lay down now and again to rest all by itself. The sidestand never did feel secure. I always had to double check it just to make sure. I would suggest you take it to a mechanic to check whether anything is loose. I never did find out what the problem was because I didnt keep that one too long. Nice bike otherwise, though.
  3. loosen the bolt.
    there is too much tension on the spring.
    otherwise there may be some way to improvise.
  4. Most side stands have an over the centre spring so that the spring acts to hold the stand up until you push it forward enough that you go past the centre and then the spring is pulling from the other side and holds it forward (in the down position).

    Has something happened to stop the stand going far enough forward to start this happening? Maybe some road gunk at the pivot stopping it going forward? Or have the pins (if you have them rather than just holes) the spring attaches to become bent which is preventing the spring from going past centre?

    The klutzes who designed my BM decided that automatic pop up was a good idea so they made a spring that always pops up if released much like your bike, so I always had to do what you are now doing. Might have been OK but they also put it so far forward that you can't operate it while you are on the bike.