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VIC Yamaha Virago 250 - Brunswick West

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by jeremiah, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. So I just moved into a new block of flats in Brunswick West 4 days ago. Left my Yamaha virago 250cc in the car port provided. Woke up this morning to find it gone. It actually belonged to my best mate- who had lent it to me since I came back from overseas. He thought it was insured- but found out today that it actually wasn't.
    So I'm fcuked. It's not the greatest/ most expensive bike in the world, I know - But I really needed it for work, study etc. Being in a tight financial situation- it was an absolute necessity.
    I know it's a far shot - but If anyone has any information on it- Please let me know- Reward for any honest & relevant information anyone might have.
    Rego GT755
    Color- Burgundy
    Model: 2007 Yamaha 250cc Virago cruiser.

    Thnaks guys.
  2. that sux on both fronts hope you get it back and the aholes get what's coming
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  3. Thanks mate. It really does suck. Don't understand how some people sleep at night puling shit like this.
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  4. They don't sleep, 'cause they're busy stealing shit all night...
  5. Yep and the turds that buy stolen stuff are just as bad
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  6. Hope you get it back mate. jeez, I might secure my little mini cruiser a bit better now....
  7. Shame about the bike, and the insurance. Did your mate let it lapse or have they got ton off on a technicality ?
    It seems that the north edge of the city is copping it at the moment.
    Lock them up tight, and preferably to something that can't be moved.
  8. Stever42Stever42
    It would seem they actually got off on an admin technicality. Once he moved address they stopped billing him- He never requested his insurance to stop. He was under the impression his bike was still insured.
    Yeah, From now on- If I can afford to buy another- or if this one turns up- Will keep it under locks.
    I'm lucky that he is a really good mate.
    Thanks mate.
  9. So change address without telling them and it voids your insurance? Seriously? Im aearching for a job ona yacht overseas so I hope this doesn't screw my insurance as well
  10. #10 jeremiah, Aug 11, 2015
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    Hey everyone!!!
    Bike was found by the cops!
    Some idiot decided to take it for a joyride- 20km from where it was stolen.
    There is hope for anyone else who has had their bike stolen!!!!
    I"m the most grateful man alive.
    God bless!
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  11. Awesome news!
    Very lucky...
  12. Good to hear mate, you must have been good when you were little!

    Is the bike damaged at all? Is ignition buggered?
  13. Rippa! Fix her up (ignition or whatever is roughed up) give her a mad clean, maybe a service, and a cuddle!
  14. Great news jeremiahjeremiah Looks like you have dodged a bullet this time. will need to look at securing it better and follow up on the insurance.
  15. Hey all- bike is pretty much in pristine.
    Just a few scratches near the ignition.
    I can live with that!
    Next step is to buy a massive 'fcuk off' bike chain lock..
    then think about insurance....
    Thanks for all your feedback.
    There is hope for stolen bikes!
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