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Yamaha Vino 50cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Shelley_shell, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I have a dilemna!

    I like the look of the Vmoto Milan 50c - test drove it and it's cute and zippy.

    BUT, the Yamaha Vino 50c may be more reliable, yet not as retro in styling.

    I've had HEAPS of feedback on the vmoto. Some great, some not so great.

    But what I need is some honest opinions on the Yamaha Vino 50c. Please help!! :shock:
  2. which dealer is closest to you?

    yamaha have a long established dealership network right around Australia.

    option 'b' - forget all the logic and buy whichever one is the nicest to ride.

    by the way, i'd go with "option b"
  3. The place I'd get it from is in SA - Bills Motorcycles (city)

    I didn't get to test drive the Yamaha, but it is not as cute/ retro.

    I know it shouldn't be all about the looks, but looks on the scoot are important.
  4. Yeah, absolutely. Looks are very important on bikes and especially so with scoots.

    Hey what about a Bolwell Mio?
  5. or the Bolwell Retro (prev. called the Jive)?

    I'm not sure how many posts you are going to get about the Vino, I think that model is fairly new to Australia. However, it IS a Yamaha & has been around for some time in O/S markets at least.
  6. Another scooter is the Jianshe JS50QT-2 (sexy name huh!).
    Or perhaps the Zoot Ladybird.

    They all probably come out of the same factory (or very similar factory) as the Vmotos. Though I dare say with the Vmoto you have a bigger suppott network at the moment.
  7. Hey the Zoot ladybug is CUTE!!!

    What do we know about them?
  8. Nothing. Very new Chinese import - won't be too much different from other Chinese 50cc scooters except for panels. The Ladybird stats say it is a 4 stroke so it will suffer a little in the power department compared to a 2 stroke of the same size.