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Yamaha V Star XVS650a

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BigTrev, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Howdy all,

    In the process of getting my Motorbike learners permit and was thinking of purchasing a
    Yamaha V star xvs650a classic and was wondering what everyones opinion on it for a person with absolutely no bike experience what so ever. Ill be using it for going to work and back everyday which is a roughly 120km return trip and weekend cruising?

  2. Howdy Trev, welcome.
    I guess it really depends on how big big Trev is.
    Have a read on the 'cruisers' group and you'll see many discussions on them.
    Most owners have been pretty happy.
    I had a custom for 18mths and never had any issue with it.
    The only shortfall really (IMO) is the revs at highway speed. The Yamaha cruisers are made to rev and it seems like you need an extra gear on the freeway. It never gave me a problem though, it's just a perception thing.
  3. I weigh 130kgs and about 185cm tall.
  4. I have had one for a few years an really enjoy riding it. I dont ride it much these days because I have other toys to play with. It never gave any trouble but as Stever42 said at highway speeds it really feels like it needs another gear. Good fun , comfortable bike.
  5. From alot of the reviews etc i have been reading alot of people are saying it revs alot when doing 110+kms on highways etc.

    As the road i travel to work on is 110km and my trip goes for 70kms will this effect the engine etc in the long run of constant travelling at these speeds?

    Sorry about this it's all so very new to me.
  6. I would be inclined to change the oil and filter a little more often than recommended. It should be fine.
  7. I bought one five weeks ago. Although its my first road bike I am very happy so far but have to agree with Stever42 and HOTROD about looking for an extra gear at highway speed. I am changing the seat on mine because my bum goes a bit numb after one hour of riding but am still happy with it so far.
  8. Pretty easy to change a sprocket if u want it to rev a little lower on the freeway. Don't forget u can't do 110kph on Ls or Ps anyway (cough cough) u will also need to hire a bike to pass your P riding test as you won't have much chance passing it on a big cruiser like that
  9. It's a shaft drive so you can't actually change cogs like you can on most sports bikes, and I've never read of anyone doing a gearbox change that made any difference either.
  10. I bought a Custom in 2011 and kept it till late 2015. 4 and half years and about 41k kms. Never missed a beat.

    I would recommend you to break in the bike for the first 1000 kms or so (if you're buying brand new) but apart from that, awesome bike.

    Have fun..