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Yamaha v-star 650 custom vance and hines pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Vinceblack, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. I have a yami v-star 650 custom and thinking about getting vance and hines pipes. Dont want to be too loud and definately dont want an issue with the police or the neighbours. I have read that these pipes are just on the legal limit for loudness. Has anyone had an issue with the police regarding noise level?

  2. theres no such thing as aftermarket pipes that police consider legal.
  3. True in spirit, not in legal black and white.

    According to the Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2003 as applied to modified vehicles your exhaust can do peak volume of 94db.

    If you go to a proper exhaust shop and have it fitted they'll be able to do this, whether or not you like the result is debatable.
  4. Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Yamaha dealer informed me that they have fitted these pipes to many 650's and they never had issues with the loudness. I am thinking thats what they say just to make a sale.
  5. Hi Vince,

    I have the V&H Cruzers fitted to my 650 Classic, and had them tested - they rated at 92 at idol, which is just on the limit.

    They are b***dy loud though, and I have to be mindful what time I start it up in the mornings as the neighbours are close proximity.

    I haven't had an issue with the police though, as they only seem to focus on the primary reason for pulling you over.........e.g. breath test etc.

    A mate of mine has the short-shots fitted to his 650, and they are louder than mine so would be over the limit - he hasn't had his checked.

    The bike sounds much better than with the stock pipes, and cagers seem to be much more aware of my presence.

    If you want you can come over and have a listen before you buy them - I'm in Bayswater - just send me a PM if you want.

  6. The short shots are definitely over the legal limit, I used to run them on mine but found them a bit much I now use Jardines which are similar to the Cruzers so I'd say they may be close to passing but I still doubt it.

    While they would be under the 94db at idle the test is not done at idle it's done at something like 3k rpm and I doubt they would be under 94db at those revs.

    It'd be safe to say that if you swap the pipes hang onto the stocks so if you do get an epa slip in the mail you can swap the pipes back over for the test.
  7. haha, your bike sounds different now Vince!
    Are you going to see what they sound like with the baffles out??
  8. The bike sure does sound louder. I am very happy with the out come. There is no way I will take the baffles out unless I have a good pair of ear plugs and understanding neighbours heheheheh
    So, when are your pipes coming for the TDM? And dont tell me the thought hasnt crossed your mind hahahh
  9. No, like I said, I'm remaining stealthy.....8-[
  10. Could someone tell me how much it would cost to get a set of these fitted to my XVS Custom?
  11. Don't know how much to get them fitted at a shop........I fitted them myself (with no prior experience) - took about an hour all up.
  12. Vince I have more posts than you LOL
  13. Are you able to tell me how much they cost and where you got them from please?
  14. Yamaha city.$700 supplied fitted and rejetted
  15. I was looking online from ZPOWER australia, but ended up getting them from PS in ferntree gully as the price was better ($550 from memory) and as mentioned, fitted them myself.
  16. Thanks guys.
  17. Is rejetting essential for these pipes?
    I've heard mixed opinions
  18. I have heard it is not essential, if your just swapping pipes. That doesn't mean it would not be beneficial, just not essential. Also I believe if you change the air filter for a K&N or the like along with the pipes then its recommended to rejett.

    I guess someone who has more experience will be able to answer for definate.
  19. Generally no, you don't touch the jetting till you've also moddified the air intake.
  20. Nice work Vince :p
    Bit of a change from the intruder eh? :)