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Yamaha V-Star 1300 rear shock

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by LJ62, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. I use to have a XVS 1100a and had changed the rear shock to a Wilber's progressive shock with all the pre load settings you needed and 22 rebound settings dead easy to addjust. then when I got the 1300 with 2 up i have the problem of the exhaust scraping on the road on right hand sharp corners b4 the floorboards, so have started my search for shock, first place it tried was Wilber's and after many tries found out to my disappointment that they don't make a rear shock for this bike :-( but suggested that I go to Hagon shocks and after mush research I have bought one, even they dont list one for the 1300 but they are the only company that apparently makes a progressive shock for the rear of the 1300 (think they keep them out the back under secret bike business) just for those that are interested The model you require is 62097 Hagon Mono Shock , Hagon are the only ones who make this sort shock. Mono Shock, 38mm gold zinc plated steel damper unit fully re-buildable, 18mm piston rod, wide ranging single circuit progressive damping adjustment with automatic compression / rebound balance. Red powder coated spring, fully progressive spring pre-load adjustment. Supplied complete with end mounting bushes / bearings, tools and instructions for spring and damping adjustments. 2-year guarantee. I should have it tomorrow and will add to this post after to let you all know what I think I all so have on order a set of Hagon Progressive Fork Springs to match the rear shock they should be here is a bout 2 weeks and will also add a post here on a review, from what I have read this should also get rid of the clunk in the front end that everyone talks about.
    PS Wilbers got back to me after I bought this one and said that (I Live in australia) if I send my Shock to there retailer in South Australia they can send it to Wilder's head factory and they will make one but they havent tested one yet but would make one off mine, hmm so I would guess that I would be with out a bike for more than 6 weeks as it takes 4 weeks to get one of there shockes to start with.

  2. Nice post up, last 2 lines I wasnt impressed with, 6 weeks without a bike is not my cuppa tea for sure. Looking forward to the review as I am sure others here will be too.
    I dont ride a cruiser myself, had the 650 classic loved it!! 1300 noticably heavier then the 1100?? just out of curiosity for me.
  3. no not at all the 1300 is only i think 20kgs heaver, i did love the 1100 heap i did 96000 km on it. but the power diferance between the 1100 and the 1300 is huge
  4. when i had the 650 i test rode an 1100, was disappointed [my idea of using brakes at the time was only using front, we all know on cruisers this isnt gonna work] so brakes on the 1100 'I thought' werent that much better then the 650 (at the time) have since seen the 1300's, have read about them being 'all that' and more.. must say if i upgrade to another cruiser it will be the 1300 so am interested in what you do with yours, cheers
  5. Re Email I recived today

    Your email has been forwarded to us here at ASR Suspension (Wilbers Australia) as we are the exclusive and sole distributors of these brilliant products.

    Firstly on behalf of our mother company in Germany I would like to thank you for your email and your enquiry.
    The XVS 1300 V- Star has a very short shock and also a very short amount of stroke. This makes it physically impossible for us to manufacture a Wilbers shock absorber which would have the correct length and stroke for this model because of the cylinder head and base arrangement of the parts we use. We have in the past supplied a Hagon replacement for this model as these have a steel clevis on the bottom of the shock and this allows for a much shorter shock with the correct stroke possible. The Hagon units made in the UK are rebound adjustable along with spring preload which can be altered via threaded collars - These have a two year warranty and are priced at $695.00 incl'd gst. As far as I know, this is the only manufacturer that can supply a reasonable replacement for this particular model.

    If you were interested in purchasing one of these units, the expected delivery time is approx 2 weeks.

    Once again, thank you for your enquiry and please contact me if I can be of further assistance to any questions you may have.
  6. Wow, not a cheap upgrade!! But at least an honest and informative response, have you checked any 1300 sites thru USA or Europe to see what others have down about this if in fact they had at all?
  7. yer there is nothing else anywhere that I can find have been looking since I got the bike in november, but we will see Moose Racing in VIC is around $150.00 cheeper and had 1 in stock and should be here to day or monday
  8. Where do I start grrrrrr not a Happy camper....................
    My new shock turned up to day I gave all the details by email and by phone and then backed up the phone call with an email that read
    (Just to confirm the phone call just a moment ago I need a rear mono shock and spring for Yamaha XVS 1300A V-Star 2010 model about 80% of my riding is done 2 up, I am around the 90kg mark and my partner is around the 80kg mark and if where tripping to bike rallies we would have about 30kgs of luggage. I would say that our riding style is fairly aggressively (love the corners ect) )
    and the comet I bot back was
    (The shock we are sending is the only one made for your bike...it will be ok for the weight.......and as it is the only one made...it's hobsons choice...if you know what I mean.....I feel sure you will be delighted and have a trouble free and enjoyable ride......
    Perhaps you could let us know once you have tried it.....)

    well got it out of the box all excited went out to the bike and started pulling my beloved bike apart 1 piece at a till I got to the top of the shock carful taking it a part and placing every thing in order so as to remember where every thing goes, I finally got the bolt out of the top and tested it in the new shock yey so far so good by this time it would be about 2 hours of fumbling around then the bottom bolt cool out it came 1 more bolt to get the old one out and then the job of putting it all back together, cool its out that was a bit more trouble than I thought it would be, hey but its out so lets start to put it back together now, hey wait a minuet what's the go here dam the 1 I took out is 50mm longer than the new one not even the bolts will fit through the holes F$%#K its the wrong dam one ( and I have a four day weekend planded away in 4 days ) so rang the supplier he said he thought it was for the Yamaha 1300 and it is but for the M62097 YAMAHA ROYAL STAR VENTURE XVZ13TF 98<(4XY)not the V -STAR XVS 1300A hell I even rang them and told them that the part number they gave me looks like it is for the XVZ 1300 and not the XVS all though the part number that I saw on the net for the XVZ had a M in front of the number, now I have either got to put it all back together or wait for at least 2 weeks min to get the right one I think even the Wilber's Dealer has done the same bloody thing as I had a wilders shock on my XVS 1100A and the 1100 shock and the 1300 looks almost the same. Just don't thing the Ozzie guy at Wilber's could be bothered stuffing around to sort it :)
  9. Thanks for your email, have looked at the images etc you sent Moose Racing and it appears the spec of the unit you require is not one we can supply a suitable replacement for. We will be looking at the makers specification to see what / when the changes we made for your model. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.


    Hagon Sales Team
  10. So I rang the guy that is 20km away that did the shocky on my 1100 told him the story and he said sure I can make you a Wilbers one like the one I made for your old bike just bring the shock down and I will measure it up and make it for you but I am supper bussy and I wont have it ready till the middle of march !!!!!!
    You ask why I never went to him in the first place haha he asked the same thing LOL.
    I thought I could save a few pennies by ordering it all myself then worked out that he orders all the parts and puts the whole thing to gether him self after some top grade mods
  11. Why don't you just upgrade the spring to one with the correct spring rate?

    That'll get you in the ball park if you want to ride it now, otherwise, I'd get your existing one rebuilt to suit, ie new internals (damping & compression rates to suit) & new spring.

  12. I just don't like the stock shock the valving and every thing else, the stock one is only 4000 km old so have put that one back in till the new one arrives so not off the road waiting, the new one has a hi and a lo with 22 setting of rebound and dampening in each and the stock one only has 9 settings for the spring the new one is unlimited can wind up or down to where ever i want it with ease if 1 up or 2 up can be easily be changed to suit, all so he is rebuilding the front forks as well with adjustable 2 way rebound valves and progressive springs to match the new rear shock.
    this guy did the same to my XVS1100 and 100000 km later they were still going strong and cumfy and handled lik a dream (was my secrete weppon againts unsuspecting other bikes) untill a sports bike did a u-turn right in front of me on a straight section of road after pulling onto the road without looking and we had now where else to go.
    and has a 5 year Warranty
  13. LJ62
    What was the outcome of the V Star 1300 Rear Shock you were chasing?
    Did you eventually get the one from 20km's away?
    How is it handling your touring requirements?

    I am from near Parramatta in NSW and have owned a 2008 model 1300 since late 2009.
    I have been on a Delphi Forum in the US for the 1300 for about the same time. There is a custom bike shop called SSCycles in New York State that supplies a Progressive Suspension rear shock unit for the 1300 for approx $370 USD plus postage.

    I purchased a set of lowering dogs as well as a Progressive Suspension spring only in a package but I have it set to 7 on the adjustment to allow if I go 2 up and being a pain to alter the shock in place.
    I weigh about 85 kgs but am getting shorter each time the shock bottoms out when I have hit a nasty bump.

    I would prefer to support a local guy if the unit you installed is doing the job.

  14. Hi Keven
    the Guy at Penrith is absolutely Awesome hi knows lives and breaths shockes every one in the world told me what I wanted was impossable, be verry carful what you buy as a lot of other shocks a not much better than the stock one, If you would like to have a look at what he has done your more than welcom to come out and have a look, my shock has got 66 dampening settings accessable any time with out taking anything apart against the stocks has none I never got it but I should off he has remote spring tensioner that I will be getting a bit later which means you dont even have to take the seat of to addjust any thing. I am shore my shock has saved us heaps of times you can change it from a hard ass suppention for racing with your mates to a soft cruisy ride for taking the mrs for a ride in 2 seconds
    give me a ring if you want 0419 047 048