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Yamaha V-max

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ivans, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Saw Yamaha vmax and almost fall in love, is v-max worth buying? For $32000 brand new or $25000 for second hand one, is it really worth the money?
    Anyone knows about fuel consumption?
    Heard it retains good resale value, any opinion on this?

  2. Super cool bike, but really depends on the type of riding you do. Awesome straight line speed, but the only way you will get a knee down is if it falls on you!
  3. As to your question about resale value, if they are going for $25k 2nd hand, there's your answer right there
  4. MMMTS has one, loves it!!!
  5. :D yeah. And I've seen it in action in numerous rides. Awesome bike.
  6. Someone wants to know about VMax???.......ZX9A6 knows all about them :) lol
  7. And here she is .....
    The GOR 2 up , I could touch the road surface with my finger tips when she tipped in :shock:
    The VMAX all carbon fibred ... what's not to love :D

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  8. VMax.......The BEST POWER cruiser out there and I'm not biased :)

    It's first road trip was out to the GOR and I'm not bragging here but tore up the new rear tyre in a day 2 up, within the week went back to Yamaha for a new tyre and those guys said they had not seen a tyre that messed up from one edge to the other from just doing a day trip.

    Cornering is outstanding for a bike of its size but getting back on topic Yamaha guarantee it's resale price for standard VMax's and 25k is the min, mine is a all carbon fibre panel model with drag bars and moded ecu, owes me about 43k.....I know I won't get that back, but I didn't do all the mods for that reason anyway, 200 Klm's is the max fuel range on the 15 L tank, its the most fun you can have with your pants on but keep this in mind by the end of the day you will have a sore neck and sore arms for reasons that will become obvious.

    Cheers B
  9. Great bike, proper performance and jap reliability. Its only competition is the Duc Diavel, price is the only reason I don't have one.
  10. I just pictured this next to a Harley and laughed to myself

    This looks, sounds, goes awesome! (from what I hear)
  11. If you're asking about the V-Max and fuel consumption in one breath, you need to change part of the question, or the way you intend to ride :LOL: I would imagine that if you ride it like it's meant to be ridden fuel consumption would be something you wouldn't want to think about....
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  12. HD get good fuel economy... from their air cooled motors anyway. Those would be better if you are concerned about that.

    My 1100cc Shadow gets 6.5-7L/100km, my 1200cc Buell got 4-5L/100km. The Buell made about 30hp more.
  13. I agree with Paul. If you're worried about running costs, or anything else resembling being sensible or practical, the V-Max is probably not your ideal bike.:wink:
  14. A std Vmax 1700 ridden with not too much in the way of wrist action will achieve between 210 - 230klm's per tank of 98 octane fuel, if you are riding the bike like a man on a promise.....well.....the fuel economy will drop to around 160 - 180klm's per tank, also about the same when you're 2 up behaving yourself lol.

    The other thing about this machine is its incredibly reliable and corner/sweeper handling ability and should not be compared to/or placed in the same category as a HD (no comparison between the two), if you want to know more just ask.

    Cheers B
  15. I knows it s V4, but is the MT01 comparable? Havent ridden either, but i want to :)
  16. The mt01 is a v twin...
  17. Awesome bike
    Not to start an argument, but is this bike really in a power cruiser category?
  18. Depends on your definition of a power cruiser. For me it's a big, powerful engine (mostly V-Twin but not air cooled), comfortable with decent brakes and chassis not harking back to a long gone age of biking.
    1. Duc Diavel
    2. Yam V-Max
    3. Suzi M109r
    4. Victory Hammer S
    5. ??

    The MT01 is generally described as a cruiser engine in a sports chassis.
  19. MT01 doesn't have enough rake to be a cruiser.
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  20. At first, I thought "$32,000 for a motorbike, don't be ridiculous!" and then I saw the pic and now I'm cleaning drool off the floor.