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yamaha tw200 horn

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by sydneycraig, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. hey all
    i have a yamaha tw200 and the horn just doesnt seem loud enough. people cut me up, horn on and.....nothing! its not loud enough especially if windows up and radio on...so, whats the best plug and play option for my tw??

    its a deus pimped out one (i know, some love, some hate) !!

  2. A pocket full of marbles.
  3. Get a stebel nautilus. $40 off ebay. It's not 100% plug and play as you'll need to install a fuse and relay but that is incredibly easy and the horn is tiny.

    It doesn't replace defensive riding but sure does make you feel better.
  4. ha yep, heard the marbles plan before...
    will check out the horn thanks...comes with everything i need and instructions? not very technical ..
    any other true plug and play ones...
  5. this one looks like its going to be airhorn loud....louder than a car horn right?? was thinking loud like a car but not OTT!
    thanks for any tips
  6. Yeah it's a compact air horn. It's louder than your average car horn but it has a quite high note so it's not "raised 4wd with 23 inch wheels and 12 driving lights" loud. I have two in my car and have one for the bike.
  7. pics of said bike?
  8. Said bike is out of action at the moment as I did a reverse somersault during a learner ride.
  9. Wat on earth is a reverse somersault. Sounds Impressive
  10. they hear your horn, that is a typical reaction, they just look straight ahead, they don't want to know.
    you can thump on the window, but they just look straight ahead and keep going.
    they're in their own little worlds, they don't want to know what's happenning outside.
  11. **** marbles, i carry a brick or two
    just toss one over my shoulder when i get ahead of them.
    if you can't manage that NOOB, then poo will suffice.
    big handfull of poo splattered across their windshield gets attention