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Yamaha TW200 custom

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MIK20B, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I got this yamaha TW200 farm bike off my uncle for pretty cheap.


    after a bit of net searching, i found they are a popular bike to customise over seas, and theres even a shop here in sydney that builds them, and sells them for pretty big money...

    heres some of the ones i found on the net, that inspired me to start on it.




    They look pretty tuff, and i decided to do the same thing to my bike, useing my own ideas and colour schemes..

    After i showed Dave at restoremaz the pics of the modified ones, he was very excited about the whole thing,and offered to help.. and sugested we start right away.

    so it began..project chunkey monkey!! The original print in the yamaha tw200 brochure says its a "chunkey monkey"...so the name has stuck.

    Ok, here it is just minutes before the strip down....and Dave and i all keen to get started..


    Striping the bike down...it dosnt take to long, but we took heeps of photos of every single part, and where it goes.....its important to do this, its a great help apon reassembly if you forget where something goes.


    Couple of hours later....not much left.


    next task was to extend the swing arm. Most of the moded bikes have had this done, it makes them look better, and gives the bike a longer wheel base.
    we decided about 5 inches was enough...and went down to see Ross at mr enforcer engineering.

    he sugested choping it, then inserting steel tube of the same shape inside the swing arm for strength, then welding caps over it to bring it back up to the normal thickness.

    Cut and test fitting here...




    trial fitted to the bike here, to see how it looks....

    Already looking tuff!! :thrust:


    After we were happy with how it was all looking, we finished striping it down, and sent the frame away to be sandblasted.

    when it came back, we ground off any brackets and mounting points we didnt need.
    we worked out which ones were to go before stripping the bike down, and marked each one with a small hacksaw blade cut.

    grinding brackets off...


    Next step was to etch primer the frame and get it ready for paint....



    Ok frames painted here.......decided to go with a gold basecoat.....im very happy with the colour...


    Next we started on the motor.

    We had got it running before we striped the bike. it had been sitting round for a while, and the carby was all jamed up with crystalized fuel and junk...we got it to run pretty good, but the only problem we found was the clutch was rubbsih. it was slipping pretty bad..so i ordered new clutch plates from yamaha.
    we also detailed the motor as best we could.....


    Striping motor down..


    Painted up ......we kept the cooling fins in the alloy look....


    New clutch plates..




    Puting clutch back together and fitting new drive sproket...



    We driped red paint into the "yamaha' lettering on the side of the engine....it took a bit of time, but it came out good.....


    motor looking fresh..ready to go back onto the frame.


    Ok, motor bolted back onto the frame here....with starter motor and coil .



    The side stand, engine bracket and doubeling pegs needed to be sandblasted and repainted.




    Next step was the battery holder/standard air box.
    i didnt want that big and bulky box and air filter unit to spoil the bike, so i trimed it all down, and just left enough of it to suport the battery.
    we replaced the standard air filter with a small one, and hid all the wireing up under the seat.

    This is how it looked before.


    triming it down, and fileing down all the edges...


    Nice and small now, and all wireing tucked away under the seat.



    Next we sand blasted all the steering and triple clamp parts...painted them up, and fitted new steering head bearings.
    We also got a bike mechanic to rebuild the front forks, and fit new fork seals....the front gaurd is an off the shelf item for these bikes from a place in the city.





    New steering head bearings..



    Front gaurd and forks fitted here.


    next we got the swing arm sandblasted, smoothed out the welds, did some bog work, and painted it up, and fitted it back to the bike...






    Starting to look like a bike again now.......new handle bars painted and fitted here to...


    Fuel tank time........
    paint striping it down, repairing the dents and geting it ready for paint.



    Back to bear metal....


    old fairing tabs removed, we will not be refitting any of the side panels.....


    Nicky work done here, ready for primer....





    Here it is painted.......i chose satin white


    geting there now.

    some new parts, a new rear LED tail light...some smaller carbon fiber look blinkers, new handle grips and all of the axles and brake parts and chain adjusters freshly silver zinc coated.




    Time to get the bike rolling now.....

    Rear tyre had a slight hit, so we heated it up, and panel beated it out till it was round again.....
    painted up the wheels black, to give it that motard look, and fitted nice thick road tyres....they cost a pretty peny to :shock:



    Bike rolling here.......tank fitted, along with handle grips,. brake and clutch leavers.



    Exhaust was pretty much the last thing.
    i bought some bends, and a muffler off one of those pit bikes...
    we used the front flange part off the original exhaust, mounted the muffler underneath the bike, then joined it all up.


    The mounting bracket on the muffler was in the wrong spot for the way we wanted to mount it, so we got Ross from enforcer to tig weld it into the spot we wanted...


    original pipe and flange cut off...



    Tacked all into place before welding....


    Back off the bike, and Dave welding it all up....


    well thats pretty much it. i just have to heat wrap the exhaust, and im still waiting for the new twin head light to turn up....
    ive just put the original one on for now, but ill post pics of the new one as soon as its fitted.

    here she is all finished and registered.
    just have to get the carbie jeted and tuned, and ill be cruising round on it :applause:

    Ill also be retrimming the seat in white when the trimer reopens for the year...





    also 2 vids on youtube!



  2. Amazing, enjoyed your post a lot! :applause:
  3. nicely done
  4. Great stuff! Enjoyed reading this.
  5. Top work..well done.
  6. Bike looks great! Nearly bought one of these myself. Well done! :wink:

    But you're going straight to Netrider hell for having all those images in one post.... :cool:
  7. gw,
    that workshop isnt in warwick farm is it.
  8. thanks for all the comments guys... he biks still isnt running roght but... it has electrical gremlins... i got the stator rewound as it wasnt charging, now it seems to have huge power loss somewhere. i fit a fully charged battery, it cranks the motor over for around 5 seconds and them is as flat as a tack. the wiring gets hot as does the case of the battery... any thoughts?

    and yes the workshop is at chipping norton, good eyes!
  9. nice job!

    i'm just finishing off my tw200 rebuild, ill post some pics too :)
  10. Awesome job mate.

    Love these projects. Make sure you put a vid on youtube in action once you get the gremlins sorted

  11. Well done :cool:

    Great work on the pics and write up :applause:

    All the best in getting the final bits sorted

    Top job, man what i'd give to put together something like that, great satisfaction. . .

    Love tthe rx in the you tube post also. . . .
  13. There's obviously a massive amount of current being drawn out of the battery, which heats the battery and wiring and flattens the battery. If there is no short circuit in the wiring, I'd guess you have a buggered starter motor. Does the starter get hot as well? Can you get (borrow) another starter and see what that does?
  14. sounds like a good way to check but doubt ill find a donor starter... its back at the shop now, i told him i want it back 100%... not looking forward to the bill, but soooo looking forward to rideing it!

    maybe do any of you have a wiring diagram?
  15. woooooooooooooooohhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooo
  16. does anyone thing they would be interested in buying this from me?
  17. Haha, awesome

    (I know it's an old thread but missed it first time round)

    Good luck with sale.
  18. thank you... it turned out real nice... i love riding it too... just i have 3 cars at home and ive had one of them for 11 years and its been on the road for about 4 and another of them for 9 years and has never been on the road... if i sell this it will free up some cash for the cars...

    is there any bike shows it could take it to to show it off maybe? generate some interest?
  19. What sort of price were you looking for? I've always wanted a modified TW200 - but I'm not sure if it would be re-registerable here in SA, as it would no longer be roadworthy...hmmm. :?
  20. i have seen them advertised in deus in town for $14,000. make me an offer.(i dont expect that much lol)