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Yamaha TT600 Road Register-able?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by mattb, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. G'day All,

    Does anybody know whether all models of the Yamaha TT600 (the TT as opposed to the XT) are able to be registered for the road in the standard fashion, as opposed to recreational registration only? As it stands I am interested in buying one to put on historic club rego, but to avoid any technical hassles I want to go with one that can be registered on the road in the first place. With the age I am looking at, sellers often have bikes with no indicators and no clue about whether it has been registered.

  2. I recollect that the XT model was registerable, where the TT wasn't....
  3. Any bike you're likely to be looking at will be of an age that needs a Compliance Plate stating that the vehicle was built to comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (or to comply with specific ADRs). If it's got one you can register it, if it hasn't, you can't, basically.

    Even with a compliance plate, though, you'll still need to pass a roadworthiness inspection for which you'll certainly need indicators, at least one mirror, a sensible attempt at mudguards and silencing, road legal tyres and head tail and brake lamps.

    I'd also treat unlicensed dirt bikes as being highly likely to have been stolen at least once in their history, but that might just be the Pom in me :D.
  4. My OH has one and it came with rego papers, although rego had run out so I assume they can?
  5. Thanks All.