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yamaha tt250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dar_sbb, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. hey guys

    im goin to pic a one of these next week... searched on the forum and google and cant really find much on it... eg specs...

    has anyone had good/bad experiences with it?

    also... the fuel tank is no longer white... its one like a yellowy colour? is there a way of making it white again or just get a new one?

  2. What year model you looking at?

    Has it been regularly serviced?

    Specs - all the 250 4 strokes are much the same. If it was me I'd be paying extra for anything with electric start

    250 road/trails go OK as a commuter so long as there is not too much freeway riding, although you can change gearing to suit the freway. But they are a heap of fun in the dirt.
  3. This is mostly a road bike forum thats why theres not much info here on the TT250.

    The TT was Yammys version of the XR, both bikes are pretty much bullet proof if the maintainance is done regularly.

    Personal i wouldnt worry about the tank, just buy a sticker kit and wack it over the top.

    Oh And welcome.
  4. thanks guys

    its a 1991

    its pretty much a learning bike... as i will take it off road... just cruises to friends house on the road

    its got 19xxxk's on the clock

    and doesnt blow any smoke or anything with new bearings in the front and rear wheels...
  5. They had some drama with cracking around the plug holes on the head. that was about it. The wiseco overbore opened em up heaps with a nice pipe.