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Yamaha TRX850

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Janosh, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Looking at buying a high milage one of these, '96 120k, but well looked after, with oil changes ever 5k, etc...

    How do these stand up to the useage?

    Thanks for any advice
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  3. Mine just passed over 100k today, so not too bad at all.
  4. Early trx's tend to stretch inlet valves, which can cause high oil consumption and eventually root the head. After '97 (or so) they have new inlet valves which fixed that problem. If any top end/head work has been done on yours they have probably been changed by now. Trx's do have a rep for using lots of oil tho (part of the charm). The emulsion tubes in the carbys wear out too (common problem with downdraught carbs- the needle rattles around and wears out the recess in the tube). They definitely would have been changed in the past but if the bike is running a bit rich they may need doing. They are a pretty tough overall package though and there is a reason yours has 120k on it. To own one is to love one (though mine only has bit over 30k on it :oops: )

  5. It'd want to be berloody cheap at that mileage - even if you buy it, you'll struggle to sell it on later.

    FWIW I've ridden 3 of them now and I'm not a huge fan, they didn't deliver what I expected from an 850cc twin. Once they're moving they handle fairly well but the engine's got no guts down low and they're ludicrously overgeared, so round-town use is way more of a challenge than it should be. Ride before you buy, a beer says you stall it on takeoff.
  6. Cheers guys,

    only really looking at it as I might pick it up for about $3k, so seems a good price..
  7. I've ridden about half a dozen of these, and if i were to cross to the sportbike/sports tourer class, the T-Rex is what i'd get. Nice and narrow, light and manouverable and with some good cans, sound awesome :)

  8. Loz does make some good points, these things have a pretty weak and rough (good rough tho) bottom end and a tall first gear. You could always play with the sprockets to reduce the gearing but it does only ahave a 5 speed box so you would increase highway revs. The lack of bottom end is made up by its huge mid range, the thing has heaps of grunt from 3.5-4000 revs onwards. Not huge power, mind, just big dollops of torque. And quite smooth too. At the end of the day these are a great weekend toy (like mine) but they're not the best to commute thru heavy traffic with. But yeah with that many kays it would have to have cheap, 3 grand is prob a fair price.
  9. Davesta's on the money. They're a great bike.

    I've replaced mine with something less sporty but I'm gonna miss it!
  10. PM Jace, he knows a bit about 'em. I reckon they're tops :)
  11. +1 to what Loz said, buying it will mean you own it forever, because nobody will want to pay anything for it once you add a few more km, and the take off is slow..

    I think $3k is too much for that mileage, one with half that km could be had for little more $$, they are not very popular as a used buy, so it's a buyers market on these.