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Yamaha TRX850

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  1. Kobo submitted a new showcase item:

    Yamaha TRX850

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  2. Looks like a nice mostly stocker, good choice!

    www.trx850.com is a great forum for them, all the info you could ever want
  3. Looks nice.

    I've always loved the TRX, but you just don't see them enough. Make sure you make her back to her best and enjoy the sun :)
  4. The bike that evolved into my tdm900.

  5. Love the trx, always wanted one.
  6. I rode it when I picked it up on Wednesday for about a minute and just handed over the money. Got it for 2 grand BTW. Today was the first chance I've had to ride at all and it is absolutely brilliant so this weekend I'll find a couple of hours to fang about on it and on Tuesday I am going to ride to Ballina and show my sons. I'll go via Ebor/Grafton and up the Pacific Hwy and then home via Tenterfield and the New England Hwy. We should be well aquainted by then....LOL

    Kobo :cool:
  7. Thanks Joe. I owned a TDM900 and I was very impressed with it. The handling and the breaking were truly excellent and it had effortless power and very comfortable too. Definitely a bike I would own again as is the ER6F Kawasaki.
    BTW, the 900 evolved from the TDM850 and the only thing the TDM and the TRX share is the motor.

    Kobo :cool:
  8. I took it for that ride to Ballina and back and I have to tell you it is a great motorcycle. I have owned some terrific bikes and Trixxie is far and away one of, if not, the best bike I've owned. I wish I had bought one ten years ago. It is that good. I came into a posted 55km corner yesterday a little hot at $1.20 and just gritted my teeth but Trixxie didn't even notice it. BTW, I think that corner should be posted at 45...Can't wait to get my track TRX up and running...
    Fuel economy was good and riding position better than expected considering the sports 'lean' forward. Total saddle time yesterday was about 9 hours and no sore bum but a sheepskin for long tours might be a good idea.
    Now...definitely a keeper...

    Kobo :cool:
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