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Yamaha TRX

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by izan508, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. G'day all, thinking of upgrading from my ZZR 250 to a TRX 850 in November, just want to know what to look for with this model, what are their faults etc, alot of them seem to have 40-80 Kms on them, cheers

  2. They have that sort of mileage because they are over ten years old, that's why.


    That said, a well-serviced bike with 40,000 kms and up should be no problem whatsover; I bet you'd never pick the mileage on my Hornet by looking at it OR riding it (1998 model, 124,000, religiously serviced :wink:).

    And, NOTHING sounds nicer than a Trixy with a good exhaust system; that vertical twin thump is music....
  3. Great fun bikes.


    Have a look here. Sort by mileage and read away.

    Oil consumption has been an issue for many from the outset but does not seem to change longevity.
  4. Thanks guys, I have seen some real gems go in the past, I guess I will just have to wait until I come across a fine example, seen on recently with 25,000 kms on the clock.. for 6K
  5. One of those bikes that sort of slipped thru the net, like XJR 1200, or original Vmax, bit of a BHP quiet achiever. Good motor for its time, had bit of a cult following. Same motor as early TDM 850, which I seem to recall there was some inherent problem with gearbox or 2nd gear or just cant quite rememebr exactly what :? Ask older Yamaha mechanics or the :google: ,s
    Actually Jace used to have one, maybe PM him, aint seen him around for awhiles but.
  6. A good mate of mine had one for years, loved it, cared for it, got oh so much fun out of it. I believe his only complaint was having to re-jig suspension to suit his style of riding. IMO a small thing for a reliable machine, V-Twin is also (to me anyways) requiring of a re-think of corner/throttle/acceleration technique as apposed to methods for inlines.

    The little I know of these bikes means I can only echoe posts of others here, find a good example and you wont be disappointed. Good hunting :wink:
  7. wow, nothing but praise so far, here I come to poop the TRX love party. I've ridden 3 to date and I reckon they're rubbish. The chassis is ok but the engine, which you'd expect to be fantastic, is awful.

    First gear is so massively tall, and the engine is so weak down low, that it's one of the few bikes I routinely stall on takeoff. Some very common problem with the emulsion tubes makes them absolutely gutless below 4-5k which is where you'd think a big twin would excel.

    Simple things like u-turns are the hardest. You've got to keep revs up and slip the buggery out of the clutch, it's a pain in the arse.

    I agree they look and sound pretty good, and they go fine in the twisties, but they seem to get out of tune very easily and this makes them a real bugger around town. There's some cheap ones around but i'd advise some serious test riding to make sure you can live with that motor.
  8. thanks guys, has anyone else experienced anything like Loz has described? TRX is just one of the bikes I am eyeing, XJR1200/1300 is another, but im rather impartial to both

    even the late model CB900 Hornet has my interest...cheers guys
  9. I've had one for almost 2 years now. They are crap for commuting/riding in heavy traffic. The engine is fairly chuggy below 3000 rpm and first gear is very tall which makes riding in heavy traffic a bit taxing. As loz pointed out, stuff like riding slow and u turns aren't as easy as most other bikes. They do tend to wear out emulsion tubes at around 30-40000 k, which makes them run rich and use too much fuel. This is from the needle rattling around in the recess and is no biggy, they are reasonably easy to replace and not that expensive (from memory around $60US for the pair from factory pro). Apart from that they don't get out of tune (no more then any other carb jap bike and most twins will wear out emulsion tubes eventually- they are fairly normal mikuni 38mm carbs not weird dellortos or anything). They can also use a bit of oil, Yamaha claims upto 1lt per 1000kays is normal (thats a lot!). Apparently this is due to the combination of dry sump and the 5 valve cylinder head. Keep an eye on it and its no biggy (checking the oil is a little more tedious then most bikes due to the dry sump). The tdm 850's did have gearbox probs, can't remember specific details but i think 2nd gear tended to be very noisy in them. The trx's have no such problems. The stock brakes are a bit average, bluespot r1 calipers (and the associated smaller diameter master cylinder) bolt straight on and and work really well. Many people apparently also find the front forks to be a bit soft, but mine had cartridge valve emulators installed before i bought it and i havent had a problem (well at my pretty average pace anyway). Thats the negative stuff, on the positive side they sound awesome (most will have aftermarket pipes on them by now), have strong mid range grunt, nice vtwin engine character (even though its not a v), strong engine braking, don't use too much fuel (way less then a firestorm- but then again so is the power), solid handling, a bit of quirkyness compared to most jap bikes (i love jap bikes but they can be a little bit 'cookie cutter', and you won't see one on every street corner. If you are looking for something to ride to work everyday you could do a lot better, but if you are after a twin for fun stuff only they are a good, slightly left of field choice. For more info check out http://trx850.motomaniac.net/forum/ those guys are nutters. You live just down the road from me, if you wanna check out my bike just send me a pm. Oh and the xjr1200 or cb900 will both be a fair bit quicker (in a straight line anyway) then a trx, it might just come down to whether you prefer a twin or a four...
  10. well that's the same amount my bike uses....but mine's a two-stroke :shock:

    That is a lot of oil!
  11. Yep it is a lot, mine hardly uses any at all. I think yamaha were probably just covering their arses with that one, its common to use a bit but 1l/1000kays is ridiculous!!
  12. Is Davesta.
    Is know what talking about.
  13. Brilliantly fun bike! I've owned mine (95 import/57000km) for 2 years and commute on it every day.

    - Coolest looking Jap bike ever. (In my opinion anyway :p)
    - Fuelling is crap below 3000rpm however by being smooth and with small throttle openings it is actually quite pleasant in heavy traffic sitting between 2000 and 3000rpm. Mind you I'm yet to ride a twin that has good low down fuelling.
    - Mine uses about 500ml of oil every 5000km.
    - All pre naughties Yamaha engines have a bit of mechanical noise, loud pipes cure this. :LOL:
    - Mid range after 4000rpm feels really nice and the sound is awesome.
    - Suspension is very good (replace fork oil every 20k), adjustable at both ends it's plush but controlled.
    - Handling is excellent once you add some spacers at the back and drop the forks 10-15mm at the front. I've never felt more confident in the twisties (both hero blobs completely worn!).
    - Brakes well and has heaps of feel (Import has Brembos)
    - Riding position is very comfortable. I did 500km in a day without an ache.
    - Gearing is to tall, fit a 16 tooth front sprocket ASAP.
    - Build quality is marginal. Paint fades (mines repainted), bolts rust, headers rust, screens go milky, etc. But polish the bike on time and using autosol on the headers keeps it looking new.
    - Dry sump means long wheelies equals oil starvation equals dead mota.
    - Changing oil is a pain.
    - Wheelies kill head bearings.

    Even with its faults I can't recommend this bike highly enough, it's got so much character I now find my Blackbird completely and utterly boring to ride even though it has double the power.
  14. Not sayin' yer wrong, but you're a 'smooth' rather than 'crunchy' kinda guy, ain't ya, Loz :wink:
  15. Well I know what I like. SV1000 = awesome engine. Morini 9 1/2 = awesome engine. Street triple = cream your pants awesome engine. Hornet 9 = very good engine. TRX.... Nup.
  16. You're a harsh man Loz... Live with one for a while and you'll learn to love its quirkiness.........maybe :grin:
  17. Fair enough, your point is well made and I stand corrected.
  18. The brief ride I had on one left me pretty underwhelmed.

    I can confirm they would be crap in traffic due to the lack of bottom end and tall first gear.

    I was also suprised how viby they were.

    The front suspension is too soft and the damping all wrong. To the point where different fork oil wont fix it. Budget for gold valves and new springs.

    The seat was also hard and annoyingly slippery.

    A friend of mine did a big end bearing on his and I've heard of another doing the same. I've had a Yamaha dealer say it was reasonable common, but I've also read a lot of on-line denial of this. Do your homework on this one.

    all of the above sounds a bit harsh. Put it this way, I'd have a low K one for $5,000 but not $7,000.

    Also, they are a better bike than a Ducati M750