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Yamaha TRX - peoples thoughts.....?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jimi, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking around for a bike I can get when off my restrictions in Feb. I know someone (sister in-laws workmate) who is selling a 1998 Yamaha TRX, 24,000km on the clock, full service history, comes with RWC and has sports mufflers.

    My questions are:
    - What do people know/think of this bike?
    - Would this bike suit a tall person? (I have never sat on one)
    - What do people think it is worth? According to redbook the price is between $4,400 to $5,200 but all of the ones on bikesales or bikepoint range from $5,900 to $7,500...

    Any ideas anyone...?

    Please help :roll:
  2. Can't comment on the price, but the 'Trixie' is a damn fine bike. Great handling, and power delivery like a Ducati, but without the expense.
  3. I gather you mean the 850 as I think there was a smaller one in Japan.

    the only negative thing I have head is they do one of the main bearings. from memory it is a one off fix and it blows in the 20's.

    check that it has been done. if not it could be dear.
  4. Sort of been looking at these myself as a possible upgrade, 850cc parallel twin - basically Yamahas attempt at copying a Ducati. Don't believe Redbook prices, somewhere around the 6k mark seems about right, they are brought in as grey imports too so you might want to check out that aspect. Less powerful than many 600cc sportsbikes but with more torque.
  5. This person is selling their's becaus they did only 200km this year! They got a new car at the start of the year and havent ridden the bike since. Apparently they have had it for 3 years and put 10,000km on in that time though.

    They are asking $7,000
  6. the ducati you own when you dont own a ducati... and without the expence .. all in all dam good bike if you like twins
  7. The trx are bikes you must drool over.. especially ones with custom exhausts Oh THE SOUND :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    NIce to ride too..
  8. different models had different cranks too 180 and 360 degrees.. which makes them sound different amoung other things .. same as the tdm 850 which was the chook chaser version .. ..... someone may have more info on the cranks and models
  9. Any help on the size of the bike..? For those who know me... I am not little (6'5)
  10. ohh iam 5' 10'' and their a wee crampy .. but its all personal .. try it
  11. and at 6' 5'' your likely to feel cramped on anything smaller then a gl1800 wing
  12. One of my workmates has one and it's the bee's knees. With a custom pipe, it also sounds magic. The only problem is he can't leave work early cause the boss always knows. :LOL: It's worth it though for that meaty twin. :wink:

    His is forsale for 8k but I would say 7k is about right.
  13. Great bikes, magic sound too.

    The seat is pretty thin and the pillion seat is worse, but the riding position is pretty good (if a tad on the sporty side of sports touring).

    The front end is a bit ordinary and a common modification is gold valves for the front end.
  14. I havn't herd of the 180 degree variant. Just 360 (early ones along with the tdms) and the later 270 degree.

    Also $7000 doesn't sound that special to me. Maybe look at some vtr1000's to get some perspective. Only a little bit more, but a bigger engine, a new bike and more of them sold (I think).

    Don't get me wrong I like the TRX, I'm just throwing another option in.
  15. A mate had one a while back. He use to rave about it. He could mix it with the best of them in all but the open waste land.
    One neg with his bike, it became hard to start. Inlet valve clearences had closed up. Reshimed, within 2000klms had done the same thing.
    I suspect soft valves. His was a 97 mod from memory.
    Same story with another guy about town.
  16. your probably right with the cranks ... one being 270 and the other 360 degrees ... i just vaguely recall there being 2 versions .. what the major differences /or why the change iam not sure
  17. I did read something about the 270 degree crank angle being used to make the engine feel and sound more like a v-twin. Not sure which version came first though (ie whether they decided to do this later or decided later that it wasn't a good idea).
  18. The 270 was later.

    The arguement was that the configuration gave 0 primary imbalance like a 90degree v-twin.

    This of course was bullshit, as the engine always ran two balance shaft, as such already had zero primary imbalance.

    It was just a marketing exercise, as the v-twins were getting so much positive press.

    Shame, because the 360 was a real motor
  19. The story that I heard is that the whole top end is like this and the cam also gets pulled down into the soft alloy :cry: , of course it could only be a rumour but your story is another that tends to back it up, apparently high KM examples can be pretty well stuffed :eek:

    I would reckon that $4,000 to $5,000 would be tops for an 97-2000 model.
  20. The TDM 850 run the 360 degree crank initally and when they developed the 270 degree crank they introduced it for the TDM and TRX models

    They went down the big bang theory path when they released it but it was a bit of a marketing plava.

    The 270 degree crank has been around since about 1952 when Phil Irving introduced the idea in his tuning for speed book and his notes in the english motorcycling press at the time.

    An aquaintance of mine has a 1972 Laverda 750 twin that he modified from 360 to the 270 degree configuration, it allows for some pretty hefty weight reduction in the crank weights approx 1 kilo last time we spoke the advantages where that you could package the engine in a smaller design and get more torque out of the engine ie V twin.

    You dont need balance shafts etc for it to work but of course yamaha wacked em in

    The note is very very simillar to a V twin and they where a great bike when released.