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Yamaha TRX 850

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Anyone got experience with these? (I didn't ask about opinions, 'cos I *know* there'll be people here with opinions! But opinions are fine too.)

    Just spotted one when I was out today, and it looked interesting, then checked some prices and read some interviews... and I think they at least bear thinking about. I'm looking in comparison to something like an SV...
  2. Yeah I've looked at these although most I've seen have been either very high mileage or still quite pricey (especially compared to the price of something like an SV650). There are quite a few grey imports being brought in which is something to be aware of if you specifically want an Aus delivered version. I believe all Aus models had a silver engine whereas most grey imports have a black engine so that's a quick way to check. I also think there was a change in the firing sequence at some point during the production run to make it sound more like a v-twin. Personally I can't understand why the TDM has continued production but the TRX hasn't, it certainly seems a bike well suited to road use rather than the track.
  3. Take one for a test ride and see what you think. I nkow some poeple like them as a track bike and wouldnt mind getting one myself to do just track days. They sound awesome too!
  4. Are you sure jd? I test rode one of these when they were a current model, and although I can't be 100% sure, I do seem to remember it being red with a black engine. I also remember that it was really quick steering and 'flickable', with plenty low down, but for it's displacement, not a lot of peak power. I have never had the chance to ride the SV, but I find it hard to believe it isn't a much superior machine to the old TRX, in spite of the latter's growing 'cult' status (and rising price).
  5. I don't know much about these but I did read in a two Wheels article that they are pretty hard to get parts for now. having said that owners tend to really love them.
  6. My mate has one and just loves it, they seem to have a bit of a cult following. I've ridden it a few times, but not really my style.

    Parts are absolutely plentiful.

    All trx850's have the 270 degree crank which makes them sound (and fire) like a vtwin, and are 5-speed (later tdm900's are 6 speed). Not a super quick bike (sv650's quicker), but nice and torquey and it will do everything pretty well.

    Lots up for sale have high milage due to the fact that owners like to ride them, but they are also pretty cheap ($5-6.5k will get a decent one if you look long enough)

    They won two wheels bike of the year in 1996, fair praise.

    Perhaps the closest modern bike to the trx850 is the F800ST beemer.
  7. No, that's why I used the disclaimer "I believe" :p. Maybe it was that grey import TRXs only ever have black engines :-k . You're right though the growing popularity of them (and the fact there's no real replacement) does seem to be keeping prices high. I wonder if they'll start coming down now that the F800 is available.
  8. "something like an SV"???
    So you mean the twins or a sports touring bike?

    Everyone has pretty much put their experiences of the TRX forward, how about Cagiva Raptors, Ducati Monsters, Hyonsungs?

    Any reason why not an SV in particular?

    I don't know your price range but they are the twins in the market, I'm not too sure what there is in terms of sport tourers.
  9. Good questions, Mekros. I'm looking for something in a mid-size sport-tourer, but I particularly like the SV for the V-twin breadth of power across the range (I love my Spada for the same reason), so I'd look at another twin before a 4 cylinder sportier machine. I don't particularly want to do track days and so on, so absolute speed is not so much an issue, and I do a lot of commuting, so low-down grunt kinda is. I'm still pretty strongly inclined toward an SV, and spending say 8 grand on a fairly recent one, but was at least interested in the possibility of an older TRX for 6.5 or so, which is what the ones I've seen seem to be going for... Guess I could get an older SV for maybe 7...

    Just expanding the options, really. the Hyosung is probably well worth me looking at... but at least one Netrider I was talking to who owns one said 'Save up for the SV'. ;)
  10. I assume, all other things being equal, that an 850 is likely to be more expensive to register and insure than a 650 too, right?
  11. I've got one. I love it. Good amount of grunt from down low, was a good step up from a 250 for me. Love the sound. If you were in Melbourne I'd say you could have a good look at it on a coffee night.
    If you're after peak power etc. the modern 600-650's have more power, not to mention they'll be lighter.
  12. TRX

    I looked at TRX before I bought my VFR, purely on look s and reports and the cult following I spose.
    They look and sound NICE :grin: but pillion unfriendly :( and expensive for a good low mileage bike that is now obselete ( BTW so is my 750 VFR)
    Never rode one but I did ride an SV650 S with the 1/2 fairing suposedly had 32,000 ks on the clock but looked more like 132,000. It was ok plenty of grunt for a baby V twin.
    An SV was what I had set my heart on in the real world until I found a VFR within my budget that had not been round the world twice :grin:
    SV nice light narrow more modern than the TRX and the Standard version with handlebars instead of clip ons def more comfy than a REX .
    Rex has the cult status and a gorgeous sound + not every man and his dog has one.
    I would have thought more bike fore the money in an SV and slightly more comfy & pillion friendly than a TRX.

    Your Money Ralph
  13. I put 30k km on an 850 TDM and learned a bit about the TRX. A mate rides one and Stafford Yammie in Vic raced one and the engines seem to be good for 150k km before strip down.

    The suspension is basic so if you're going to push the bike hard allow about a grand to have it rebuilt.

    I've witnessed my mate see off recent litre class sport bikes in the twisties - a combination of confidence, good spread of power and nimble handling.

    They're said to be one of the best bikes Yamaha built ... but bike tech has moved on a lot since they were designed. It all depends ... what's your budget, how hard do you ride and over what kinds of roads, and most important, how does it feel when you're sitting on it and punting through the bends?
  14. Rego might be a bit more. Insurance will be about the same as the 650 i'd reckon.

    They are tops bike to ride. Grunt monster. I love the noise it makes. Wanna make sure you put sports pipes on cause they make a fair bit of mechanical noise (dam you cam chain tensioner). They are starting to look dated. Time to streetfighter mine I think.

    Spot on rsser. When you starting pushing the standard front forks are crap. You can fark around with fork oil or cash permitting bung on an r6 or r1 front end (fairly easy to do).
  15. Yep, and apart from that shock and fork oil and seals wear out, so at min you have to have them serviced.

    Next stage is to get both ends sprung and valved to suit your weight, your riding style and the roads you like to ride.

    A grand is the diff btwn life and death, or btwn fun and funk.
  16. I heard the big difference b/w the gray import and Aus TRX is the suspention... The Japs got much better front and perhaps rear...

    I have been on both the import and the local TRX... the import did handel better but was so ever slightly less powerfull... ?? perhaps the japs had them restricted??
  17. So what's the decision so far? Still researching or looking closely at a few more bikes?
  18. i came within inches of buying one of these as my upgrade bike - loved the sound and the different styling and the flickability factor. Test road three from a mint low kms model (dude wanted 7K) to a bashed around 90000km model (engine still went fine) but in the end couldn't find the right one for the right price. Got a bit impatient and went for something else - but i still think twice when i see/hear one go by.
  19. Have you looked at the TDM850 or 900. The new 900 has recently dropped $2k in price (now $12999 + ORC) so the older bikes should be dropping as well. At present you can pick up a 2002 TDM900 with 40k on the clock for about $8k - $10k

    I've just brought the TDM for sports touring, commuting, and once I've gotten use to the bike (and some more money :( ) converting it for adventure travel :). This means different tyres, bash plate and engine guards. The shocks have preload and rebound adjustable, brakes are off the R1.
    You can pick up comprehensive insurance for the 900 for $460.

    I'll write up a review in due course, but mean while start with this:

  20. Heh, I'm mainly looking at 600s, but that's crept to include 750s, then 850s, now 900s... thanks for the info though: saw one the other day at work and they do look interesting. I'll still likely end up with an SV, though.