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Yamaha Tesseract

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sloth, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    I must be getting old but there is something about this 'bike' which gives me the horn. Maybe it's just the radical looks but I'd love to take one for a blat.

    The future seems to be shaping up to be electric/hybrid 'bikes' and I'm sure the wheel count is going to increase -- piaggio MP3, the tesseract etc. Wonder if it will produce a new wave of cagers to make the switch similar to the scooter revolution.

    What do you guys think? Like the Tesseract or not ? I think I like the styling - undertones of an R1 in there but 4 wheels? hmm... dunno... even if it handles like a bike it just seems to be dumbing down motorcycling on the riding front and over-complicating things on the maintenance front.

    Once everything is 4 wheels & computerised (not far off are we?) I think I'll be buying an 'old' sports bike with a carburated donk or paying deus ex machina a visit... will be a sad day when technology gets to the point where you can't twirl your spanners on your own bike without plugging a laptop into it first :shock:

    Still - I'd get one of these in the garage though :)

    I think :? :? :-k
  2. Man, I would desperately love to flog the banjacks off one of these. And I will. Just you wait.
  3. The styling I actually kinda like - but the concept of these 4-wheeled bikes worries me. With normal 4 wheeled vehicles the lower you can make the CoG and the wider apart you can get the wheels generally the better the handling. Not really sure just what's really to be gained in terms of performance with something like this - in fact the thought of what might happen at high speeds and/or situations where the computers decide you're on your own is a little scary. Doesn't look like it'd be cheap either.
  4. :rofl: Yeah man, lol I know what you mean .... it just has that 'x' factor that begs you to give it a good flogging doesn't it. It just looks so damn .... fast!
  5. I don't get it - the B-King was a magnificently ugly bike and everyone hated it for it. This thing is just as ugly with two extra wheels and so far everyone loves it :?.
  6. With a little be of work to the seat section it looks like it would be good for disabled people. Seriously.
  7. Road legal quads have been rumored for a while. Couldn't have dreamed they'd look this cool.

    Hybrid sucks though. Why would I want two engines?
  8. Yeh, but its not going to be like a car, where they turn based on solely which way the wheels are pointing and if they have traction. Cars don't lean their wheels an weight to turn.

    Have a look at that article with loz on the piaggio mp3, which appears to ride like a scooter/bike, but has 2 wheels up front.
  9. I realise that - it's going to behave more like two bikes. Problem is the one on the outside of a corner has to go faster.
  10. I love the looks of this myself. I'd seriously consider owning one.
  11. +1 to that...my only major concern with the look of it, is if it's to wide to split in betweens cars.....i can't go back to sitting in grid lock.....(did it today, first time in while) and it suxs sitting in ques of traffic.....if only i could of figured out a way to attach 3mtr lenghts of steel to the bike :LOL:
  12. What, creating them?
  13. noooo stump back on the road! Nah good point, not as dicky as a trike which at them moment is the only real option. :cool: :cool:
  14. This one does, and has since 1948;


  15. From what I read the blurb stated "not much wider than a standard motorcycle" .... hmmm.. you reckon? Didn't define standard so maybe a beemer with a boxer engine (and engine bars).

    Interestingly as well the EU now stipulate that if the wheels are within 450mm (transverse) of each other they are classed as two wheeled. So Belgium says it stays a motorbike !!


    Still think it's horn :cool: