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yamaha tdr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by outfox, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. hi every one new to the site
    just bought a yamaha tdr250 and
    was worndering if anyone else
    has a tdr250 i was told there were
    only 8 of them in oz

  2. hi....where did you buy that from?My mate was selling one...i am wondering if you bought his.....Which colour do you have?
  3. Got it from out near Richmond NSW, its the Blue/Green model. What colour was your mates? Has he definitely sold it yet?
  4. he has 2 black/yellow ones...ones for sale or sold...id have to ask him...
    i painted one of them for him but i think he is hanging onto that one.... we have the tank decals here and there no longer available...i also have a few other panels ect
  5. If you are talking to him check if he still has one for sale and how much, I know someone who might be interested after he rode mine.

    You don't know anyone with a set of original rims or back footpegs do you?

    Thanks mate

  6. the rims are a goer...i will send you a pm when i find out.....what did you pay for your bike?
  7. $2.800 but its in imacculate condition and
    only had 17.000 kms on it
  8. A TDR250!

    I have been keeping a look out for one of these with no luck so far,

  9. Yeah it's great, like having a RD250 that you can take on the dirt
  10. ylwgtr

    just wondering if you heard back from
    you mate about the rims and the bike?

  11. ok...bikes for sale has jim lomus chambers a few other parts
  12. how much dose he want for it?
    and has he got any photos
    he can send me to have a look at

    thanks: glenn
  13. any word on the bike yet?
  14. he wants 3500...pm me your email addy and see if i can get some pics
  15. is it still for sale?
  16. No way. They're rare but nowhere that rare. I know of a guy with a mint one in Castlemaine and he's got at least 2 others just in parts. I think whoever told you that was trying to push the price up.

    Fun little bike, I bet. Good on you for sourcing one, no matter how rare (or not). So long as you have something a little different, I commend you on your find.

    (They were reasonably popular in NZ, so maybe a good place to source parts.)
  17. They are a fun bike except no yamaha dealer will touch it because it's an import. The other thing the yamaha dealers told me is they won't work on a bike more then 10 years old. Makes you want to buy a yamaha doesn't it?
  18. if any one eles has a tdr why dont you send your photos of the bike in so we can all have a look and see how many we can find

  19. nope.....i just bought it :D