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Yamaha TDM900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mouth, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Interested in thoughts/reviews from anyone that owns one or has ridden one.

  2. Hey Mouth,

    Have ridden the bike... Great fun, but need to be aware of:
    Not a sport bike, although can be ridden quite fast
    Great motor... relaible and quite strong
    Front end feels a little heavy, but easily compensated

    Apart from that, have heard many many good reports and many happy owners.... It is like most things, change.....
  3. Haven't ridden the 900, but I rode the 850 for a weekend a couple of years ago.
    Quite a capable bike, really. Good bottom and midrange torque. Despite the 270 degree crank it didn't really feel like a V twin to me, though. Which was surprising considering the same motor in the TRX did! Maybe it was down to the (too quiet) exhaust. Gets a bit breathless at high revs, but you'll be doing a fair clip by then. It didn't pogo too much despite relatively tall suspension, but wasn't quite as stable at speed as, say a big sport tourer. Handles quite well in the twisties, and it could cope with a track day, but it would probably get left behind by more sporting tackle.
    It would make a very good commuter, apart from an annoying stutter on and off throttle at very low revs (supposedly fixed on the new model with injection). The gear change was pretty ordinary, too.
    I didn't try it with a pillion, but it seems to have heaps of room, and would probably make an excellent tourer if you don't need to keep up with Blackbirds and Hayabusas. Can cope with a bit of dirt, if pressed, but it's not really intended for that.
    Bit of everything, really. A true all-rounder :)
  4. They've gone a few rounds with the ugly stick, but I guess you don't notice that while you're riding!
  5. Ridden Wayne's 850 quite a few times, only one short blurt on the 900.
    Always liked it, solid bike, engine near bullet-proof, sounds incredible with a set of Madaz/'tunes...big overseas xtras-market/ accessories, not that great over here in that regard.
    3 significant BUTs:
    1) Weight (and it's heftier than a V-Strom) sits quite high (compared to other bikes of similar ilk), not that great on dirt. Harder in the slow stuff.
    2) They've got an 18" front wheel, which makes tyre-choice VERY limited, again...19" front is better on dirt.
    3) Overpriced for what they are, even with super-discounts.

    Another possibly significant point is that only a very small number has been sold over the years, the only other bike within it's class and even lower sales-figures is the Cagiva Navigator.
    Small numbers equals less backup/ harder-to-find-info and support.

    Gimme a lighter, more modern, more versatile Strom1000 @ $13k ride-away ('06 model) any day. And all the benefits that go with it.
    In looks they're near-twin-sisters anyway, one as pretty as the other :LOL:

    NB: DL650s have 20mm lower seats, there are always guys in the n/g's who'd like to swap for the higher DL1000 seats (that's in case the DL1000 seems too high)
  6. Old comparison info?

    The TDM is over 15kg lighter than a 'strom. Height of bike itself and seat height is lower than a 'strom. Lot's of front tyres available in 18" these days (in sport tourer anyways, which is what you'd fit to this type of bike). Modernised only 2 ('03) years ago with complete new frame and lotsa engine and braking stuff. A new TDM should be $13k ride away with haggling too.

    Or have I missed something?
  7. Jason, if you buy a TDM you and Marty will suddenly be very popular.

    Anyone going for a ride with you two will look like Cinderella next to her ugly sisters! :LOL:
  8. Ah fuggit. Ugly is good! Makes the rider look better.
    (I should know...)
  9. "See ya honey, I'm off to experience the tedium."

    The perfect bike to ride to an office job, anyway... :LOL:

    The high ground clearance looks good for riding off gutters without belting your undercarriage, that's about the only thing that I noticed about them.
  10. C'mon, enough barney fellas.

    ALL your bikes are totally fugly.

    At least, next to a Hornet... :LOL:
  11. Well, it's all in the eye of the beholder and as titus said, ugly's good because it makes the rider look better.

    And I for one need all the help I can get in that department! :LOL:
  12. A TDM is on my list. I really need a bike that makes me look good!
  13. Touch a nerve there, did I Marty? :LOL:

    Have I owned or ridden a TDM or Strom? You're tilting at a straw man. I never said they were bad bikes (how could I, I've never been on one), but when did functionality (weight, power, fuel range, seat) become relevant to aesthetics?

    I have however looked at them. As briefly as I could manage... :LOL:

    And yep, the Across is overweight, underpowered, has crap fuel range and a seat that'll impact your piles soon as look at you.

    But they're quite pretty - at least, the teal ones are. :LOL:
  14. Yep, old info, sorry. Went by the first 900 model, which also had major EFI-surge-problems. Seat height diff is 5mm, overall height measured at mirrors pretty irrelevant (mine's lost 40mm due to diff mirrors).
    18" fronts are pretty much road-only stuff (goes for the post-01-02 Cagiva Navvy as well), where as the rest of the bike is as dirt-capable as any other big chookie, just a pity to not be able to make better use of it.
    If it comes at $13k it sounds like another tester coming up for sure :D :D
  15. Have a couple for me! :)

  16. Bwahahahahaa aa
    That's the 2. keyboard this month !!!