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Yamaha TDM850 - Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GerryM, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Wondering what knowledgeable opinion has to say on this matter. I'm looking at a used bike to buy from dealer in Melbourne CBD. It has come from a broker so the dealer doesn't know its history. It's a Yamaha TDM850.

    So here's my question, if it is worth considering with some considerable caution, are there any qualified Yamaha mechanics out there, who may know of these bikes or similar and be interested in doing a thorough inspection of it. I'd pay for some expert opinion.

    Another option I'm looking at is a used Aprillia Pegaso 650, with 20K on the clock, this is outside of Melbourne. Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? Ive heard 'oh.... Aprillia.... dodgy Italian electrics' anyone with any first hand knowledge of the bike? Tips and pointers appreciated.
  2. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    What year TDM?

    The early Tediums had a 180 degree crank, but the later versions had the same 270 degree crank of the TRX & a lot of similar engine parts (& problems!)

    Known problems with the TRX are oil burning & a very soft front suspension, not sure if the forks on the TDM are the same, but rings, pistons, valves, head etc are the same, so early models could also have these problems. Early versions of the TRX (95 & possibly 96) suffered from valve stretch, this was rectified with a recal IIRC. The 5 valve head could also contribute to excess oil usage, but it's not really a problem per se, just something to be aware of. Yamaha claim 1l/1000km is normal.

    The l/h big end will likely go first if it's run low on oil, check for sounds around that area, & get the valves checked, if they close up too much they can damage the cam journals.


    A bit of an underrated bike IMO, probably a very good real world all rounder. There's even some Youtube footage of a guy doing wheelies for kms on one, with panniers attached as well!

    Joe Delosa on here just bought one, he can probably shed some more light on it, there's also CarpeTDM.com that is apparently a very good resource.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: hard to say whether to walk away without knowing the price, if it's cheap enough...

    Oh, BTW, that'll be $75!

  3. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    It might be worth having a scan over the Aprilia Pegaso forum for some background.

    What year is the Pegaso as early models had a Rotax engine before a shift to a Yamaha engine in 2005.
  4. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    They are not a bad bike all in all. The TDM's.
    As MV said the later are a better bike.
    Post 97 (I think) had better forks and electrics. So better handling and reliability.
    It's pretty hard to say what they are like just listening to them as they are a very clanky noisy motor. But they are a decent motor that can clock up the miles with ease.
    I know rust and corrosion is an issue with them. So if it's clean and rust free, then I would be happy.
    I would still replace all the fluids on it just for peace of mind if it had no service history.
    Aprillia are ok. They have personality. But parts are scarce and expensive.
  5. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    IIRC TDM gearboxes could occasionally be a problem. Try to get a test ride before committing. And the lowest point on the exhaust system sometimes rusts out, so give that a squiz.
    But overall, not a bad unit.
  6. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    thanks for the comments so far everybody.
    It's a 1999 with a price tag of 4390 ride away - rego for a year.
    & MV your $75 is in the Karma post.
  7. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    Right on :)

    That's a pretty good price if the condition is acceptable, I reckon.
  8. Re: Is it a walk away dont touch or worth considering

    No history? No purchase in my book.

    There are a couple of dodgy dealers in the CBD that I personally would stay away from.